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What is an E-Bike?

By Konstantin Kaliuzhnyj

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â—Ź How does an electric bike work?â—Ź How do you ride an electric bike?â—Ź How long do e-bike batteries last on one charge?â—Ź Do You need a license to ride an electric bike?â—Ź How to operate the bike?â—Ź Pedalsâ—Ź Electric Assistâ—Ź Electric Onlyâ—Ź Conclusionâ—Ź What are the key differences between Whizz and Zoomo e-bikes?â—Ź Which brand offers better value for money, Whizz or Zoomo?â—Ź How do the technical specifications of Whizz e-bikes compare to those of Zoomo?â—Ź Can I test ride Whizz and Zoomo e-bikes before making a purchase?â—Ź Video

If you’re new to electric bikes, welcome to the e-bike fam! We’re obsessed with e-bikes over here and are excited to share all we know about them. First off, we’re based in New York, where biking has officially been made legal and it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to get around the city – especially for delivery drivers! Of course, bikes aren’t at subway level yet, but they’re definitely getting there, and thanks to the growth of bike infrastructure, the overall the concentration of cyclists is going up. Still, you might have a few unanswered questions about e-bikes and you want to learn more about them before you invest in one yourself.

Essentially, an e-bike is similar to a traditional bicycle, but it comes with features like extra assist that can make you a torpedo, and the speed is one another level. The following beginners guide will expand on these features and it’s vital for anyone who is going to bike shops looking for an e-bike. Let’s jump in!

How does an electric bike work?

What sets e-bikes apart is the fact that they have an extra boost from the motor powered by built-in batteries. In some cases, these batteries are removable and some are non-removable. Because of that, e-bikes are often faster and ride longer.

Another thing to know is that e-biking is on an upward trajectory and can only grow from here – even Tesla has announced an e-bike.

The reason for this is because e-biking is incredibly practical and can take you anywhere in the city as long as the battery is charged. This is what makes e-bikes such an effective choice and a worthy investment for business owners like delivery drivers. E-bikes are actually so much better for couriers especially in New York because they’re speedy, portable, easy to operate, and have enough space for all that precious cargo.

The great thing about being in New York right now is that anyone can ride an e-bike around the city because it works in the same way as a traditional bike and there’s growing infrastructure to support cyclists and make the city more e-bike friendly.

How do you ride an electric bike?

Here are just a few simple steps:

Jump on a bike

Look around

Start the journey

To be frank, there are no special skills required. Just enjoy your ride, keep to the speed limit, and watch around. You’ll find that riding an e-bike is safe and it’ll definitely help you save energy and money. The only you needis coordination. If you have poor eyesight, use contact lenses or glasses.

Also, start by riding your bike on low-traffic streets, and after a while, you’ll be an experienced rider who can hit any road. Pretty soon you’ll be zipping around town in your e-bike enjoying New York’s swanky new bike lanes and cityscape views.

How long do e-bike batteries last on one charge?

Most e-bikes come with a display screen through whichyou can check the distance throughout your ride. Depending on the model,your e-bike battery may allow you to make over 100+ miles, but that’s mostly with cooler models as the average model isn’t so efficient, and can get you to cover over 50+ miles, which is not bad at all. Make sure to check the bike’sbattery power to determine the approximate distance that your bike is capable of. You should also consider your weight because it affects a lot on the e-bike.

If you have calculated the distance and you’re sure that your bike is equipped for a comfortable ride, then you will enjoy every moment. Usually, e-bike batteries last for 3-5 years and could help you save a lot of energy, time, and money, not to mention the stress of going through traffic.

Do You need a license to ride an electric bike?

Another great thing about owning an e-bike is that you don’t need a license to ride one. The most important thing is to always obey the traffic rules and be considerate to other people on the road otherwise, you may have to deal withthe NYPD. Otherwise, riding an e-bike is an exciting experience, especially in New York, because this is a spectacular city. Plus, e-bike technology lets you discover the city in a new way, as long you’re accurate with speed limits and wear a helmet.

How to operate the bike?

E-bikes typically operate in two different modes: half or fully-automati. The one you choose will depend on your goals but if there’s one thing for sure, it’s that you can ride your e-bike. multiple times a day without actually straining your legs with pedals and that’s something you can’t get with a regular bicycle. An e-bike allows you to go faster and can make you more productive, especially as a courier who has to make multiple deliveries a dayE-biking is extremely easy, and there is no steep learning curve like with driving a motorcycle or a car. People with previous riding experience can start right away ad e-bike frames make for comfortable riding, granted you choose one that’s most suitable for your height.


E-bikes are equipped with standard pedals that are ready to use and do not really need to be customized but you can actually choose from many different pedal designs if that’s what you’re into.

Electric Assist

The electric assist on e-bikes is a lot of fun, and it can help you make short work of the longest trips. Just hold on and move forward. Electric assist can also come in handy when you’re facing heavy city traffic and you’ll end up using less energy overall than if you were pedalling a regular bike. This is part of the reason why e-bikes are getting so popular in New York city and other cities around the world and it’s looking like the Big Apple might turn tothe Netherlands soon with all the bike infrastructure that’s going up. All you need to do is fully charge your battery, ride and enjoy your trip.

Electric Only

Personally, I think that renting an e-bike is better than buying, especially if you’re a courier that’s still trying to grow their business. You might not be ready to invest in a brand new bike yet, and that’s where Whizz’ rent-to-own program comes in. You can rent an e-bike for just $5 a day and there are several subscription levels available.


The e-bike is one of the most accessible forms of transport available right now, as it combines the joys of cycling with the freedom and speed of an electric bike. In fact, you can rent an e-bike with Whizz today and get a 30$ discount with the promo code k30. Our subscription is optimized to cater to a wide range of cyclists and it’s especially beneficial for delivery workers. Our bikes are equipped with a U-lock, phone mount, and delivery bag. What more could you ask for?

We want to dominate the industry, and instead of copying our competitors, we offer some really unique things and excellent service. We constantly convince people who ask what an e-bike is that it’s the best way to move around the city nowadays, especially in sunny weather. Two wheels are enough for that.

What are the key differences between Whizz and Zoomo e-bikes?

The key differences between Whizz and Zoomo e-bikes typically lie in their design, battery life, motor power, and intended use. Whizz e-bikes may offer longer battery life and are designed for urban commuters, focusing on comfort and convenience. Zoomo e-bikes might emphasize power and durability, making them suitable for off-road adventures or heavy-duty use. Each brand caters to different rider preferences and needs.

Which brand offers better value for money, Whizz or Zoomo?

Determining which brand offers better value for money depends on the specific needs and preferences of the rider. Whizz might be more cost-effective for city commuters looking for reliability and ease of use, while Zoomo could provide greater value for those seeking performance and versatility for diverse terrains. Comparing the features, warranty, and after-sales support of each brand can help in making a decision.

How do the technical specifications of Whizz e-bikes compare to those of Zoomo?

The technical specifications of Whizz and Zoomo e-bikes can vary widely. Whizz e-bikes might focus on integrating advanced technology for urban commuting, such as GPS tracking and smart locking systems, while Zoomo e-bikes could prioritize robust motor power and battery capacity for extended range and off-road capability. It's important to review the specs of each model to determine which aligns best with your requirements.

Can I test ride Whizz and Zoomo e-bikes before making a purchase?

Many retailers and brands, including Whizz and Zoomo, offer test rides to potential customers. This allows you to experience the feel, performance, and features of the e-bikes firsthand, helping you make an informed decision. It's recommended to contact local dealers or visit brand showrooms to inquire about test ride opportunities.


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