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What is a Hybrid Electric Bike?

By Konstantin Kaliuzhnyj

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Benefits of hybrid electric bikes What is electric assistance? How to select hybrid electric bike To Wrap Up What is a hybrid electric bike? How does a hybrid electric bike work? What are the benefits of riding a hybrid electric bike? How do hybrid electric bikes differ from other e-bikes? Video

The hybrid bike is arguably the most versatile and cost-effective option on the market. It’s great for off-road cycling and city riding, which is a significant advantage for delivery drivers, as you can confidently ride it on any terrain. What’s more, modern manufacturers prioritize quality and versatility, making the hybrid bike ideal for cruising and touring. Of course, there is so much more to discover about hybrid bikes and if you’re thinking about buying one then you’ve come to the right place. Join us as we explore all the things that make electric bikes unique and hopefully, this will help you make an informed decision. Just a quick note, you can currently get a $30 discount on an e-bike subscription at Whizz with the checkout code k30. Just saying. Alright, let’s get into it; what’s with all the hype around hybrid electric bikes?

Benefits of hybrid electric bikes

First things first, a hybrid electric bike is the most practical bike you can ride. It's divided into two types: hardtail and front suspension. Both options are great both for city or gravel roads, for commuting or cargo purposes, and much more. It’s one of those options that are a perfect match for anyone. It’s also worth noting that this type of bike has been designed for off-road and city riding alike. It’s a great choice regardless of age, height, weight, surface, etc. That’s what makes the hybrid e-bike one of the top-rated options on the market. Models come with different designs, frames, tires, and speed, but overall the idea is the same: comfortable seating position, aerodynamic handling, speed, and stability. Another reason why these bikes are so efficient and popular is the fact that they’re affordable. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal anywhere else..

What is electric assistance?

Electric assist gives your e-bike an extra boost while providing a more enjoyable ride overall. It comes in three modes: throttle, pedal assist, or both. Pedal assist is amazing for going uphill, especially in steep areas. You can also use this mode to ride on flatland without breaking a sweat. Throttle mode requires even less effort than pedal assist, as it takes very little to activate kick off. Now, throttle mode isn’t great for a longer distances because it tends to drain the battery life.

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How to select hybrid electric bike

Despite how great it is, the hybrid bike is a pretty vague concept to most people because some models look like mountain bikes while others look like road bikes. The same is true when we try to figure out what a hybrid e-bike is. For best results, we generally recommend testing your hybrid e-bike first. Take it for a spin and see how comfortable it feels. The great thing about hybrid electric bikes is that they’are great for commuting, making deliveries, fitness training, city riding, etc. and technically, you can ride any style you want. Truth is most people don't necessarily need an electric road bike or electric mountain bike anymore, because the hybrid e-bike does it all. Some other details you should consider are battery capacity, braking systems, frame styles, wheel hubs, battery systems, motor systems, and so on.

To Wrap Up

Well, hopefully this article helps you out. Personally, I’m a great fan of electric hybrids, particularly the models carried by Whizz. All Whizz bikes are typical hybrid bikes that come with all the benefits and features you’d expect from a hybrid e-bike. That’s why a Whizz e-bike rental is a great place to go if you’re looking to invest in a bike for your delivery service side hustle. Whizz offers a classy front suspension e-bike with incredibly useful extras such as an additional U-lock, phone mount, and backpack. If the standard battery isn’t enough, you can get an extra battery for longer rides. And you can get all of this for just $159 a month. The Whizz bike is an amazing option for urban commuters and delivery drivers because it’s lightweight and compact, solid on one charge, has smooth riding, comfortable seating, and power assistance. You'll love the quality (and the way it works!).

For an additional $29 you can store your bike overnight. The best part is that we do all the repairs for you so you never have to worry about fixing anything. Just bring it to our office and our staff will have it running again in less than 30 minutes.

Ready to test drive one of the world’s most powerful hybrid e-bikes? Head on over to our Manhattan location and take one for a spin. On us. We look forward to seeing you and geeking out over e-bikes, cycling, and more!

What is a hybrid electric bike?

A hybrid electric bike combines the features of a traditional road bike and a mountain bike, equipped with an electric motor to assist with pedaling. These bikes are designed for versatility, offering a comfortable ride on various terrains, including city streets and light off-road paths. The electric assist enhances the riding experience, making it easier to cover longer distances and tackle hills.

How does a hybrid electric bike work?

Hybrid electric bikes work by combining pedal power with an electric motor, which provides additional power to the pedals when needed. The rider can control the level of assistance, usually through a handlebar-mounted display, allowing for an adjustable and customized riding experience. The motor is powered by a rechargeable battery, which can be removed for charging.

What are the benefits of riding a hybrid electric bike?

The benefits of riding a hybrid electric bike include increased flexibility and comfort in various riding conditions, the ability to travel longer distances with less fatigue, and assistance with hills and headwinds. Hybrid e-bikes are also eco-friendly, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and producing no emissions. They cater to riders seeking a balance between recreational riding, commuting, and fitness.

How do hybrid electric bikes differ from other e-bikes?

Hybrid electric bikes differ from other e-bikes primarily in their design and intended use. While mountain e-bikes are built for off-road terrain and road e-bikes for speed on paved surfaces, hybrid e-bikes strike a balance between the two, offering versatility for both urban commuting and light trail riding. They typically feature a comfortable upright riding position, medium-width tires for stability on varied surfaces, and a moderate level of pedal assistance suitable for everyday use.


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