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How to Ride an Electric Bike

By Konstantin Kaliuzhnyj

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Before your electric bike hits the road Launching off an e-bike for the first time How to Use Electric Bike's Brakes How to Ride an Electric Bike Uphill? How to Stop Your E-bike Electric Bike Safety Tips Conclusion How do I start riding an electric bike? What are the differences between pedal assist and throttle modes? How can I safely brake on an electric bike? What should I be aware of when riding an electric bike in traffic? Video

Electric bikes were invented because pedal power simply isn’t enough. Then e-bike accelerates faster and gives you more freedom to roam and e-bikes are just very enjoyable to ride. Regardless of your goals, like delivery or casual riding, it's a great option. If you’re thinking of getting yourself an e-bike, make sure to use the promo code k30 to geta 30$ discount on a Whizz e-bike subscription.

Of course, you came here to learn how to ride an electric bike and that’s what we’ll be getting into next.

Before your electric bike hits the road

Did you know that e-bikes in the USA are permitted to reach higher speeds than in Europe? The max allowed speed is 20 mph, which is impressive. The best part is that we’re seeing a veritable boom in the variety of e-bike options due to the rise in popularity of cycling. E-bikes had already overtaken regular bikes, and if you’re looking to join in on the trend, it’s worth learning how to ride one properly.

Take into account that even though e-bikes look similar to regular bicycles, the motor makes the whole experience much more different and exciting. Although different, the e-bike won’t cost you a fortune. It’s also easy to charge and maintain. An average person can start riding an e-bike without having to be athletic, just remember to wear a helmet and you should be safe from branches and protect your eyes from the sun and other aspects of the elements with sunglasses or even contact lenses if you need them.

It’s important to note here that electric assisted bikes are heavier, and therefore requires some prior experience and skill with traditional bikes. However, even if you are an advanced bike rider, you’ll want to test your bike in an empty space first.

As an e-bike rider, you must also be able to predict different situations and react to them in time. We’re not saying that you should have the reflexes of a jungle cat, but it helps to keep in mind that obstacles can show up at any time and a lot of unpredictable things can happen on the road, especially when you’re riding something as dynamic as an e-bike. You also need good coordination because bicycle lanes in NYC are pretty narrow, and some pedestrians still aren’t used to them.

Overall, riding in NYC is quite an adventure. It’s pretty nice riding around, and it’s one of the meccas of e-biking, kind of like Amsterdam.

Once you’ve gottensome practice with things like pedaling, and turning, and made it through low-speed pedal-assisted bike riding, you can thenturn on your motor for the first time.

Launching off an e-bike for the first time

Before you invest in your first e-bike, be warned; riding e-bikes may lead to addiction because they're enjoyable, cheap, effortless, and silent. Jokes aside, there will be no sound after you turn on the motor, which means you’ll enjoy noiseless bike riding with the speed and agility you’d expect from something much louder. And all you need to do is press the button, wait for the system to start up, place your leg on a pedal and set off.

It's as easy as that. The procedure is similar for mountain bikes and road bikes. While you do not need any license or registration to ride an e-bike, you need to know and obey the traffic laws. Before you start riding, make sure the bike battery is charged, the tire pressure is sufficient, and the display works properly.

If you’re going to ride at night, be sure to use a flashlight. And if you work in delivery, or as a courier of any kind, then you should make sure the phone mount is located on a handlebar so you can keep track of DoorDash, Uber Eats and any other apps that are important to your work.

There are three classes for e-bikes: class one, two, and three. Technically legislation is the same for most of them, with the exception that class three e-bikes are only allowed for riders above sixteen years of age or older. Remember to always check local laws, road rules, and speed limits before riding your e-bike in a new location.

How to Use Electric Bike's Brakes

Something else you should do before pedaling away in your e-bike is to check the brakes. Ideally, your e-bike brakes should be reliable and well-controlled. You might come across unexpected obstacles on the road or moments during traffic that require quick turns or abrupt stops, so it’s worth it to get used to how the brakes react to pressing.

How to Ride an Electric Bike Uphill?

It’s really intense to tackle hills with regular bicycles, but electric bikes have changed the game entirely. For starters, they offer quite a few assistance levels and the best strategy to go uphill is by using pedal assist and full-throttle modes. We don’t recommend going uphill using full-throttle only though, because that will drain your battery. E-bikes are still really good at enabling the rider to save energy on steep hills, and just a little bit of pedaling is all it takes to go faster on a steep hill while making the process much more comfortable.

How to Stop Your E-bike

You can stop your bike by pulling the brakes. Be aware that it takes longer to slow down an e-bike than a standard bike because, typically, they are bigger.

Electric Bike Safety Tips

No matter your riding style, there are mistakes you need to avoid. First things first, never to ride under the influenceand we already mentioned the importance of wearing a helmet.

Also, keep an eye on the condition of the brakes and keep in mind that eventhough e-bikes are very well made, the human factor is crucial, and you need to be prepared for any unexpected situation. Overall there are the same safety tips as for conventional bikes. Please be careful no matter the class of ebike that you ride. Also, look carefully at traffic lights. Riders must obey the rules of the road wherever they ride on bike lanes or roadways.


Let’s face it, non-electric bikes can’t handle all the demands of urban conditions. Speed pedal-assisted electric bikes are much more functional, and they’re relatively easy to ride once you know how.

Whizz is a NY-based bike rental company with a mission to provide reliable e-bikes for rent or sale and to make e-bike riding more accessible overall. Our subscription includes free maintenance and complimentary equipment such as U-lock, phone mount, basket, and backpack.

You can also store your bike overnight in our location. The best part is that we’ve got a special deal for newcomers. Activate your promo code k30 right now and get a 30$ discount on your subscription. Our bikes are reliable, easy to use, and as mentioned, repair is included in the subscription.

We have got two e-bikes models with standard battery and extra battery. If you still have questions about how to use an e-bike, feel free to ask online or pop into our NY location to check out our collection of e-bikes and chat about all things cycling.

How do I start riding an electric bike?

To start riding an electric bike, first ensure the battery is charged. Then, familiarize yourself with the bike's controls, including how to operate the throttle (if available) and the pedal-assist settings. Begin with a low pedal-assist mode to get a feel for the bike's acceleration and handling. Always wear a helmet and start your ride in a safe, open area to practice.

What are the differences between pedal assist and throttle modes?

Pedal assist mode amplifies your pedaling effort with power from the electric motor, making it easier to ride, especially uphill or against the wind. The level of assistance can usually be adjusted according to your needs. Throttle mode allows you to engage the motor and accelerate without pedaling, similar to a motorcycle or scooter. Not all electric bikes have a throttle mode.

How can I safely brake on an electric bike?

To safely brake on an electric bike, use both the front and rear brakes simultaneously for balanced stopping power. Begin braking earlier than you would on a conventional bike, as the added weight of the motor and battery can increase stopping distances. Practice braking in a safe area to get accustomed to the feel and response time of the brakes.

What should I be aware of when riding an electric bike in traffic?

When riding an electric bike in traffic, stay visible to drivers by using lights and wearing reflective clothing. Follow all traffic laws, including signaling turns and obeying traffic signals. Be especially cautious at intersections and be aware of vehicles' blind spots. The increased speed and acceleration of an e-bike require you to anticipate traffic movements and maintain a safe following distance.


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