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How Fast is an Electric Bike

By Konstantin Kaliuzhnyj

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Electric Bike Classes Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Conclusion

It’s official: electric bikes have conquered the market through sheer acceleration power. The average electric bike can reach a top speed of 28 miles per hour, which is amazing and great news for New York cyclists who recently had the boon of getting e-bikes legalized in the city. If you’re still on the fence about e-bikes and haven’t joined the community yet, you’ll hopefully be on board by the time you finish reading this. One of the features that make e-bikes so cool is the fact that they’re incredibly powerful. Keep reading to learn why that is and why it makes for an exciting experience.

Electric Bike Classes

Are e-bikes worth it? Definitely. You canmake a trip on one charge, making it ideal for commuters and delivery workers. City traveling has never been easier, and it’s a great time to get in. The speed capacity of an electric bike willdepended on the class, and we will explain the difference in detail.

Class 1

If you’re not familiar with the different e-bike classes, that’s exactly where we’re going to start. Some bikes have pedal assist only, but with really nice acceleration that allows you to go up to 20 miles per hour. The max wattage is 750W on these bikes and they’re known as Class 1 e-bikes which is the most basic option.There is no throttle with these e-bikes and even though Class one is the most simple, it has got real power, and you can get a pedal assist to juice it up. Either way, it’ll definitely go faster than a regular bike.

Class 2

Class 1 and Class 2 bikes are regulated the same way as bicycles. You can ride them on sidewalks or streets with no issues. Also, there are no age restrictions. These classes are pretty similar, except class 2 has got throttle. The top speed for class 2 is 20 miles per hour as well.

Class 3

To ride a class 3 e-bike, you need to be over 16 years old. Make sure tocheck out the federal regulations in your state because you may or may not be allowed to stretch out its legs. Now, technically, all classes are pretty similar, and the main difference is that class 3 e-bikes can reach a speed of 20 miles per hour and above.

Class 3 bikes are known for reaching higher speeds, this offering areally enjoyable riding experience. You can achieve a speed of 28 miles per hour in a Class 3 e-bike really quickly and because it has a higher power capacity, it’s really nice to ride it on a hilly area. The speed of an e-bike also depends on the weight, road conditions, etc.The greatest tip is to check out the brakes on your class 3 e-bike before trying those top speeds.

All three classes are excellent for riding and respond quickly as soon as you start to pedal. They’re alsovery comfortable, and offer impressive power levels.


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We hope that this article was helpful and now you know how fast you can go on an electric bike,please drive safely and wear a helmet.

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