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On this page you can explore the types of damage fees for breaking e-bikes


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Remember! Self-repair of the vehicle is strictly prohibited!


Attempting to remove any branding names or labels or adding any other stickers / any cosmetic changes$45
Tampering / adjusting components besides seat or removing battery$45
Damages to upper battery compartment$35
Conducting mechanical work on the bicycle without a written consent from My Device Inc. (DBA: Whizz)$45
Any physical damage / loss of the battery charger$55
1st time Losing Battery Key$20
2nd time losing Battery Key$40
Damaging Battery Port by misuse$250
Any Cosmetic and Minor Operational Damages to the battery$250
Any Severe Structural and Safety Damages to the battery or the loss of the battery$450
Any Damage to individual fender$40
Any misuse that causes damages to brake calipers / shifters (for individual front/back)$25
Broken, bent or snapped brake levers / shifters$30
Any bends, or damages to rear derailers$40
Any damages to lights (individual front or back)$60
Any water damage or cracks to display as well as any damages to the display buttons$100
Any bends or cracks along front wheel including rim / hub$100
Any bends or cracks on rear wheel$150
Any damages to the motor$300
Any damage from misuse to the controller$300
Any scratches or damages to the frame compromising its integrity (not including small cosmetic scratches)$500
Any bends to handlebars$50
Any damages to fork cracks, bends, or dents from misuse$250
Damaging cranks including bends or dents$100
Damages to pedals$20
Adding, altering, damaging, swapping seat or seat post$40
Altering or damaging any electrical cables / components$150
Tampering / attempting to remove IoT module$150
Altering or damaging any shift / brake cables$20
Altering or damaging hydraulic brake cable$40
Damaging or breaking throttle$40
Damaging, altering or swapping kick stand$25
Damaging, losing or not returning U-Lock$60
Losing U-Lock Key 1st time$15
Losing U- Lock Key 2nd time$30
Loss/theft/damage of Whizz insulated backpack$35
Loss or damage to the bicycle alarm or alarm key$25
Loss or damage to the phone mount holder$25
Loss or damage to the rack$50


  • Intentional destruction or loss / theft of the bicycle (including the battery)

    (without Protection Plan)
    (with Protection Plan)
  • Intentional destruction or loss / theft of the bicycle (if the battery, battery keys, u-lock, charger and all other accessories are returned, in acceptable condition)

    (without Protection Plan)
    (with Protection Plan)
    $400 / Protection plan only applies if:
    - Bike has been properly secured;
    - Police report has been filed within 24 hours of the loss’theft;
    - User has no outstanding debts of any kind older than 1 month;
  • Repossession: Company recovery of E-Bike

    (without Protection Plan)
    (with Protection Plan)

Protection plan
for only $29*/month

Have а peace of mind with regards to your rental

Covers 50% of serious mechanical failures and pay only $400 in case of theft or loss of the e-bike

*Intentional damages or rider's negligence are not covered

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