If you are new to electric bikes, it’s really nice you’re here. Biking around NYC is legal now, bike infrastructure is growing, and overall the concentration of cyclists is going up no matter for commuting or delivery purposes. You might actually notice that there are still some questions about an e-bike. 

Essentially it’s quite the same as traditional bicycles, but an extra assist can make you a torpedo, so it’s definitely a good idea to pick up one. Today we prepared a beginners guide. It’s vital for those of you who are going to bike shops. It can be a bit basic for experienced riders, but they are welcome to share their thoughts. It would be pretty nice. So without any further delay, let’s jump in.

How does an electric bike work?

We would almost say that pedal-assisted electric bikes are the same as regular bicycles, but it works differently. E-bikes have an extra boost from the motor powered by built-in batteries. In some cases, they are removable and non-removable. Because of that, e-biking is regarded as faster and longer riding. 

Another thing to know is that e-biking continues to go on, and even Tesla has announced an e-bike. So if you live in NYC and want to get an opportunity from e-biking, we respect that and have you covered with articles on that subject. 

E-biking is so practical and can take you anywhere in the city until the battery is charged. We want to be very frank with you because often people are interested in electric bikes for business purposes like delivery. It’s actually so much better for curriers to use an e-bike, especially in New York. It’s definitely a nice thing that was legalized just a few years ago, so take advantage and make more deliveries.

Specifically, here in NYC, covid increased the bike infrastructure, and there are undoubtedly many more factors, especially how electric bikes work. Anyone can ride an e-bike because it works in the same way as a traditional bike. From our perspective, it’s definitely affected the city in a great way. Still, if you consider e-biking, do not hesitate to start. It works the same as regular bikes, but there are extra modes for easier riding.

How do you ride an electric bike?

There are just a few simple steps:

  • Jump on a bike
  • Look around
  • Start the journey

To be frank, there are no special skills required. Just enjoy your ride, keep the speed limit and watch around. Fortunately, riding an e-bike is safe. It’s definitely a new experience and helps you to save energy. The only thing that is especially needed is coordination. If you have poor eyesight, use contact lenses or glasses. In the beginning, start from no-busy streets, and after a while, you will become an experienced rider who can hit any road. Luckily we are in New York with bicycle lanes and incredible views. It motivates a lot to use e-bikes.  

How long do e-bike batteries last on one charge

Through the ride you can check the distance on display. It depends on the model, a pretty cool battery allows riders to make over 100+ miles, but the average model isn’t so efficient, but still enough to cover over 50+ miles, and it’s exciting. See battery power to know the approximate distance. Сonsider also such a moment as your weight because it affects a lot on the biking. 

If you have calculated the distance and your bike is equipped for a comfortable ride, then you will enjoy every moment. Usually, batteries last for 3-5 years. It could help you save a lot of energy, time, money, and that sort of thing. What is an e-bike is not already a mystery because now e-biking is booming, and it also has to do with regulation.

Do You need a license to ride an electric bike?

It’s specifically relevant that there is no need for a driving license, but you must obey the traffic rules otherwise, you may be stopped by the NYPD. Riding an e-bike is an exciting experience, especially in New York, because this is a spectacular city. E-bike technology lets you discover the city in a new way. But please be accurate with speed limits and wear a helmet.

How to operate the bike?

There are several modes of using an e-bike: half or fully-automatic modes. You can choose the right one depending on your goals. Many people ride multiple times of the day, and it’s pretty sweet when you don’t need to pedal at all. Regular bicycles do not allow that. With an e-bike you can go faster and be more productive with your deliveries. E-biking is extremely easy, and there is no need for learning like with a motorcycle or a car. People with previous riding experience can start right away. Bicycle frames are pretty important for comfortable riding, so choose the most suitable for your height.


Nowadays, you can choose from any pedals, but frankly, e-bikes equipped with standard pedals are ready to use and do not really need to be customizable. So when people ask what an e-bike is, it can be easily explained. It’s also straightforward to classify e-bikes, so let’s go to the next paragraph.

Electric Assist

Getting back to the electric assist it’s a lot of fun, and you can possibly make a long road without any effort. Just hold on and move forward. Sometimes traffic in the city is brutal and takes a lot of energy. Then an electric assist plays a huge role. Therefore electric vehicles are quite relevant to the town these days, and some people say that sooner or later New York will look like the Netherlands in terms of bike infrastructure. Other transportation options aren’t so accessible and eco-friendly, it’s true. You just need to fully charge your battery and ride. It allows e-bikes to make a fantastic trip. Overall there are three classes, and you can set up the right one depending on your needs. The e-bike can reach an excellent speed, and that’s really fascinating because it’s silent. Keep up the battery level, and it will never be discharged all of a sudden.

Electric Only

Personally, we think that renting is better than buying for some reasons. Some people who want to start making deliveries in NYC right away aren't ready even for e-bike sales, and in a way renting is a huge benefit for them. This led us to the idea to create Whizz and make a super affordable rent just for $5 per day. If you want to make a longer range journey, then choose the subscription with an extra battery. It’s really lovely. Have a good time exploring New York!


E-bike is very accessible for transportation, which is why so many people have started to look at them. For now you can get a 30$ discount using the promo code k30. Our subscription is optimized for any type of people and especially for delivery workers. Our bicycle is equipped with a U-lock, phone mount and delivery bag. 

We want to dominate the industry, and instead of copying our competitors, we offer some really unique things and excellent service. We constantly convince people who ask what an e-bike is that it’s the best way to move around the city nowadays, especially in sunny weather. Two wheels are enough for that. 

Currently, Whizz is available in New York City, but we’re thinking about expanding to other cities. So many exciting things are coming up, so stay tuned, give us a rate, and thank you for your support. Making your riding experience better with Whizz.

Have a nice ride!