If you’re looking for a premium e-ride, we have you covered. It’s worth taking a look at because there are so many models on the market, from commuter to all-terrain. We focused on the most functional and dynamic models. 

Which e-bike to buy is a big question, because there are tons of electric bicycles on the market. Buying new electric bikes in 2022 can be overwhelming but we did some research and highlighted which e bike is good. Let’s get started.

Which E-Bike Should You Buy

Gocycle G4

First off, let’s talk about great commuters. We’re genuinely in love with this bike because it has a nice high-tech style and great capacity. It’s super lightweight thanks to carbon fiber components. This model belongs to folding e-bikes and it’s incredibly convenient for storing or transportation. It can be folded down completely in just 10 seconds. It’s so lightweight that even a child can carry it up and down the stairs. 

This design is really one-of-a-kind with its matte black color. It looks futuristic and stylish and will definitely turn heads. It looks kind of like a BMX bike in some ways but with a higher seat. The steel handlebar looks terrific and it’s equipped with front and rear suspension. 

The range is 50 miles on one charge, which is awesome but it takes three and a half hours to fully charge. However the biggest disadvantage is the price. Because it’s a premium model, the price is also high but we wouldn’t say it’s overpriced because the quality of the components and overall characteristics are just amazing. 

Gocycle is a reputable brand that is constantly making its bikes better. But if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly model, we have something to offer you.

Eahora Azarias

Eahora Azarias is able to provide good performance for city usage. The battery is quite promising and lets you cover a distance of over 55 miles. This model is somewhat reminiscent of motocross. The handlebar is quite wide, which is cool and it’s equipped with a comfy leather seat and a multi-functional display. The bike rack is sturdy and allows you to carry something massive. We highly recommend this bike if you fancy this kind of design.

E-bike Breeze

This bike has enough power for on and off-road. The New York City-based company positions this model for delivery but it’s nice and powerful for any goal. The battery life is impressive and you can also swap it out for a fresh one. This bike is more than capable of going uphill, flat, or downhill. The mud guard also protects you in rainy weather. 

The headlamp works superbly in dark conditions. It needs to be said that the bike is equipped with a U-lock, a basket, and a phone holder. We highly recommend renting or buying this bike for any purpose because all the components are great, such as the Samsung battery, Hub Motor, and so on. 

If you live in New York, you can test the bike out at the Manhattan location. Also, there are special conditions for maintenance so do not miss that deal. Well done, Whizz.

Aventon Solterra 

This e-bike is pretty and solid. The reviews are mostly positive except for the squeaky brakes but overall it’s very good. This model belongs to the hybrid bike category. Aventon Solterra is speedy, that’s for sure. 

You can cycle for over 40 miles without pedal assistance. In our opinion the most striking model in the line is in the black colorway. This design approach makes this bike perfect for commuting, fitness, or cruising. 

Eahora XC100

If you’re looking for an affordable e-mountain bike, here we go. The motor allows you to ride over 65 miles and lets you charge your smartphone as well. This is an all-terrain bike, pretty sustainable and speedy. The key components are represented by such reputable brands as Shimano and Samsung. 

The display comes with cruise control for more effortless and comfortable riding. There is a full-suspension set up with mechanical disc brakes so, if you like high-quality mountain bikes then it’s probably the best choice for you. 

Propella Mini

It’s a super cool single-speed tiny bike. The disc brakes are from Shimano, a sturdy frame, and so on. From our point of view, it’s the most stylish among mini bicycles. Also, there is a taller version with the same design but resembles more of a fixed-gear. These are brand new models and we highly recommend checking them out.

Himiway Cruiser

If you like fat tires, it’s probably the best model for your needs. It is an all-terrain model that can easily hit the snow, sand, and rocks. It’s one of the most massive models on our list. All in all, it’s amazing if you want to ride to the surfing spot or forest trail. It’s just great and there are many positive reviews on YouTube. 

The distance is also pretty good. The rack behind it is also pretty nice. It’s good for most people but keep in mind that it’s a bit bulky and it might not be convenient for many people. Overall it’s a pretty nice model.

Radrunner 2

This model stands out among moped-style e-bikes. It’s great for long-distance trips. This bike guarantees safety, nice control, and a capacious rack that allows you to use it for specific needs. There is only one flaw and that is the weight. The frame is quite massive. However it's a great family bike because the leather back seat is super comfy. 

Also, there is an additional handle bar for children which is quite unusual yet nice. So it’s definitely multi-functional and it’s not a granny bike like it might seem at first glance. It’s all-terrain and it would look good on Burning Man, so it might be customizable.

SONDORS Ingenious Move

It’s one of the most popular urban e-bike crossovers. There are two models: white and black. It’s a folding model that's easy to transport. SONDORS is a well-known and trusted company that makes premium bikes. The Smart Step is the cheapest model in the line-up. It’s a classy crossover that is well-done and easy to ride. Even though it looks elegant, the speed range is 40 mph. The battery allows you to cover a large distance on one charge. 

And the tires are suitable for any surface so it’s a cool model for any situation. We recommend checking out the SONDORS website because this company is special among e-bike manufacturers. It’s probably the best folding e-bike among regular-size models and it will satisfy any discerning customer.

Electric Bike Co. Model S

You may be interested in the best cruiser e-bike so let’s review this model. There is a step-through frame, hydraulic brakes, and a nice battery. There are many ways to customize this bike by making it more retro-looking or modern. 

This bike is well-designed for a comfortable ride. The frame is wavy and nice-looking. For many women this model is preferable. Also, there is a basket in the front so it’s convenient for shopping. It’s a great electric bike for casual riding.

Alpine Hawk EVO by Bulls

Finally, we review a road bike type on our list. This bike is super neat because you can remove the battery and pedal it like a normal bike. It’s nice for climbing uphill and riding down. For now, it’s one of the greatest bikes on the market. And if you like this type of handle bar, you will definitely love it. It's also super impressive how silent it is. 

In addition, it has hydraulic brakes and many people with a road-racing background appreciate this bike's incredible stopping power. The bike is very responsive. It’s super fast on its own; it’s close to a 20 mile per hour top speed. The seat is narrow and pretty comfortable. It’s well-noted that this bike is also comfortable for tall people. The snappy carbon frame looks great. The overall rating is high; this bike is amazing for casual riding or on rocket mode.

Specialized Turbo Vado 

This is a four-power commuter bike. Ever since it was released in September 2021, many people started to consider purchasing this bike because they loved the geometry. It’s an incredibly well-designed and well-functional e-bike. The motor and battery system work seamlessly. It perfectly matches the riders' pedaling. It’s a lot of fun to ride for those who like traditional bikes. 

There are many great options to use it for, like carrying luggage or just riding on your own. Hydraulic brakes work really well. The battery is removable and in addition there is a control app that allows you to tune the motor and track your ride history. 

Another great feature is the display. Specialized Turbo Vado works nicely; the shape has got a vintage spirit and it’s definitely a good choice and probably the best experience you might get. So far, it’s one of the most popular on the market.

Fiido X

The image of this bike is super futuristic and there are also cutting-edge components that make this model one of the most superior folding e-bikes. It’s very easy to charge and fold. This is the latest bike from Fiido. The manufacturer states the distance range is above average. We especially appreciate the buttons behind the seat. 

For those of you who like small tires, the Fiido X might be super appealing. One of the greatest features is that the battery is under the seat so the frame looks smaller than usual. Basically, Fiido is a well-established company with an innovative approach and a wide range of models including e-scooters. 

Woom Up 5 and 6

It’s a bike created specifically for children. There is much to point out. First, there are bikes made for two age groups, 7–11 and 11–14 years old. It’s incredibly responsive with full-suspension.

Bike has an app that displays the rider's mileage and battery level. It has nice handling and can withstand an aggressive ride. The battery life is pretty good but it depends on the terrain. Overall, it’s a pretty nice bike except for the price. But anyway if you are looking for an e-bike for kids, Woom Up 5 and 6 are extremely cool.

EB5 Pro Swagtron

It’s the cheapest e-bike on our list but nevertheless it’s definitely worth looking at. It wasn’t created for extreme terrain and long distances but it’s pretty responsive and compact. We also really love the price; it’s less than $1000. For that price, that’s amazing. Technically it’s a one-speed folding bike. The max speed is only 15 mph but honestly, it wasn’t created for racing. By the way, you don’t need to pedal at all! Well done.

Charge XC

This model allows you to go anywhere; it’s nice for hauling and cruising. There are a bunch of interesting things to mention. The motor is reliable and the frame is strong enough for overweight riders. By the way, the tires are puncture-resistant which is quite cool. 

So get on this bike if you want a classy model for various purposes. You can consider this model if you’re in the market for commuter e-bikes. You don’t need to pedal hard, just enjoy. We appreciate the simplicity and reliability which is why we put this one on our list. 

VanMoof S3

It looks like it came from a noir movie but it's powered by a nice motor and has aerodynamic characteristics. It’s very impressive and we appreciate it. Aside from technical capacity, we need to mention that the VanMoof brand has got a hunter team who can help locate the bike in case of theft. And if they fail you will get the same bike for free. The bike looks neat and is equipped with a display and everything which makes it nice for city riding.


New electric bikes 2022 are pretty diverse. We did a phenomenal job of reviewing which e-bike is most comfortable, versatile, and matches your interests. Now it’s up to you to test how it performs. One thing is for certain: city commuting is often faster than most people believe. So do not hesitate to choose an e-bike. It’s probably one of the best ideas no matter whether you like cruising or turbo mode. It’s a lot of fun to ride. Today we reviewed both cheap and expensive e-bikes.

Nowadays, batteries are very efficient and allow you to cycle for long distances. It’s very cool to take advantage of those. We reviewed the most popular types, from road bikes to city bikes. You should consider all of them because our article is based on a huge amount of research. We hope it will help you choose the right one and make a sound purchase. 

Different models are specific to their respective environments but they are very easy to use. It's incredible how well-engineered these bikes are which are sometimes outfitted with Bosh motors. It’s a total delight to review e-bikes that come with such nice features. It’s hard to say which one is the most powerful because it depends on the purpose. If you want more in-depth reviews, watch how electric bikes perform. 

Honestly, we’re pretty excited that nowadays the renaissance of cycling is continuing and many people are starting to swap normal bikes for e-bikes. It's a very smooth ride, eco-friendly, and profitable as well. Today we reviewed bikes priced at $1,000 to $5,000. 

Rather than focusing on the price, look at what you actually like. Higher prices mean more expensive components but all the models are really interesting and were produced by reputable companies. 

For your knowledge, Whizz bikes are located in New York City and it has a subscription plan. It means that you can rent your bike and get a free maintenance plan. Normally it takes less than half an hour to fix any problem. It sounds great, doesn’t it? For an additional price you can store your bike overnight. Don’t forget to claim your promo code ‘k30’ to get a $30 discount.

The Whizz is probably one of the best city e-bikes and you can rent or buy it. It might be used as a commuter e-bike, for delivery, or recreation . So, if you want a lower price and higher quality, look into Whizz. All it requires is just a quick registration. Buying one is also a great idea. The longest range for the E-bike Breeze is 55+ miles and 110+ for the E-bike Breeze with an extra battery. We guarantee that you will love it and we constantly strive to improve our service. 

So far, there are only two models but we’re looking into manufacturing more in the near future. These two models are equipped with powerful motors so it’ll get you to your destination on time. It’s much faster than you might think and you’re welcome to take a test drive at our Manhattan location. Higher speeds are available but please drive carefully and wear a helmet. 

Well, we hope you are doing great and that this article which ebike to buy was informative. Have a nice one. Until next time. Bye.