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How To Test Electric Bike Battery?

By Konstantin Kaliuzhnyj

Table of contents:

â—Ź How to Test E-Bike Battery with Multimeter?â—Ź How To Check Electric Bike Battery With No Tools?â—Ź More Ways To Check Electric Bike Batteryâ—Ź Conclusionâ—Ź How can I test the health of my electric bike battery?â—Ź What tools do I need to test my e-bike battery?â—Ź How often should I test my electric bike battery?â—Ź What are the signs of a failing electric bike battery?

If you think that the battery doesn't work as smoothly as it used to be, it’s time to test it. By the way, Whizz bikes are not only affordable and low-maintenance, all repairs are included in the subscription. Currently, we offer a 30$ discount with the promo code k30. Don’t forget to mention it!

Enjoy the ride with the Whizz, and we'll take care of the rest. In this article we are going to review multiple ways to test an electric bike battery. It's an important part, and we explained everything you need to know.

How to Test E-Bike Battery with Multimeter?

Brand new e-bikes don’t need any diagnostic, but sooner or later, the battery becomes less efficient than before. It may happen for several reasons:

  • When charge-discharge cycles come to an end.
  • When the battery reaches the end of its useful life.
  • After a long winter in the garage in a discharged state.
  • After overcharging or over discharging.
  • After exceeding the allowable cell currents.
  • Due to inherently poor cell quality.

Loss of battery capacity on electric bicycles inevitably leads to a decrease in mileage on a single charge. Many people want to know how to test e-bike battery capacity. Battery management is highly recommended, and we’ll give you some advice you should always keep in mind because they are based on our own experience and big research.

So if the moment has come when your bike loses its power, it is time to use a multimeter. It’s a simple device that was created one century ago by a British electrician, who got tired of carrying three items in his bag and made one of his own. It's a pretty compact device, and it’s always good to have one. There are many models on Amazon, and they all work in the same way. We're going to give you a step-by-step tutorial, it’s really a great way to check out the charge of your bike. Keep in mind that your battery should be fully charged before the operation.

  1. Simply connect the device to an e-bike
  2. Check the continuity
  3. measuring voltage
  4. Test the resistance

It’s the most common way to check e bike batteries.

There are no special skills and techniques, but reading manuals is recommended. Overall it isn’t dicey at all, and you can make this procedure of your own even without deep knowledge. Don’t forget about full charge at first, usually, it takes around six hours for an average charging cycle.

How To Check Electric Bike Battery With No Tools?

Battery testers are cheap and amazing, but if you haven’t got any, there is a solution, and we're going to show it. How to test an e-bike battery without a multimeter is pretty simple. There is a basic equation:

distance*100\battery original capacity

Do it on an empty flat road and use full throttle until the battery is completely discharged to make this procedure properly. Afterward, you will have an approximate understanding of how much full capacity varies from original. A lithium battery is an excellent device, but it isn’t immortal, so don't feel bad if it needs to be repaired or replaced over time.

Your battery needs the highest energy, that’s for sure. If you are concerned about this issue, then you are taking good care of your bike, and it will be in good condition and give you a great ride. Some extra care is really needed for your battery to last longer. The simplest thing you can do is save power levels. Also, earlier, we posted an article about battery life time, check it out.

More Ways To Check Electric Bike Battery

Another option is an e-bike battery monitor. It’s a convenient tool that usually goes with an e-bike and shows its battery condition. It's a kind of management system, but it fails to show deeper analysis. Monitoring systems are pretty diverse and depend on the brand, model, and price tag.

If you can’t find the resources of the issue on your own, contact professionals, and then your battery will be working properly, and don’t forget to ask how to test an electric bike battery because improper handling of the battery could cause bad consequences.


Battery life is a pretty important thing and should be as efficient as possible. The battery has limited charge cycles, but you can handle it by measuring. Batteries depend from brand to brand, and for Whizz bikes, we use reliable batteries, you can easily plug it in and charge. They are good for day-to-date trips.

In fact, we recommend getting a Whizz subscription because we’ll take care of your e-bike and battery in particular. ​​If any break happens, the repair is included in the subscription for free, so how to test an e-bike battery with a multimeter will not be an issue at all.

Your e-bike battery will always be in good condition, providing power for your deliveries. For now, we offer a $30 discount, just mention promo code k30. It’s a great option.

Suppose you want a higher quality bike rental for delivery. In that case, Whizz is what you actually need, and you’re more than welcome to visit our Manhattan location with friendly and experienced staff. They will tell you the most important information about electric bicycles. We hope this article was helpful because, for sure, nobody likes fully discharging batteries.

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How can I test the health of my electric bike battery?

To test the health of your electric bike battery, you can use a multimeter to measure its voltage and compare it to the nominal voltage rating provided by the manufacturer. A significant drop in voltage can indicate a battery that's nearing the end of its lifespan. Additionally, monitoring the battery's capacity to hold a charge over time and how quickly it depletes during use can provide insights into its health and efficiency.

What tools do I need to test my e-bike battery?

To test your e-bike battery, you'll need a multimeter, which allows you to measure the battery's voltage and current. For a more comprehensive assessment, a battery analyzer compatible with your e-bike's battery type can provide detailed information about its capacity, discharge rate, and overall health. Ensure you have the correct connectors or adapters to safely connect the testing equipment to your battery.

How often should I test my electric bike battery?

Regular testing can help you monitor your electric bike battery's health and performance. It's advisable to perform a basic voltage check every few months, especially if you notice any changes in your bike's performance. For a comprehensive test using a battery analyzer, doing so annually or bi-annually can help track the battery's condition over time and anticipate when it might need to be replaced.

What are the signs of a failing electric bike battery?

Signs of a failing electric bike battery include a noticeable decrease in the range per charge, the battery taking longer to charge or not fully charging, power cutting out during use, or the battery pack showing physical signs of swelling, leakage, or damage. If you observe any of these symptoms, it's important to test your battery and consult with a professional if necessary.

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