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How to Charge an Electric Bike?

By Konstantin Kaliuzhnyj

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How Long Does it Take For Electric Bike Batteries to Charge? The Basics of an Electric Bike Battery How to Prolong Electric Bike’s Battery Life? Conclusion

One of the most important things you’ll learn once you own an e-bike is the importance of charging it correctly. This makes sense and it’s a simple way to extend the life of your battery. Keep reading for a straightforward guide on how to charge an electric bike.

How Long Does it Take For Electric Bike Batteries to Charge?

Bikes typically come with a charger and the batteries have different voltages, so if you have multiple electric bikes, you want to always use the correct one. You’ll find relevant information about Amps on the battery itself. For example, if there are two Amps, then you know it’s going to take five hours to fully charge the bike and if you want to charge 15% percent faster, you need a 3 Amp charger. Meanwhile, a5 Amp can charge the bike for just two hours.

The Basics of an Electric Bike Battery

First things first, stop charging when the battery is full. Don’t leave it plugged in all day long as the battery loses a little bit of voltage with every charge, thus wearing your battery out slowly. Once your battery has been charged, go ahead and unplug it. And keep in mind that it’s better for the battery to charge 90% rather than 100%. This can positively affect the battery’s charging cycles and it works for basically any battery.

It’s incredibly important to have this information on hand as e-biking is becoming more and more common in urban environments, and bikers need to be mindful of their battery and equipment. The battery life will last longer if you’re accurate and patient about it. Overall it isn’t tricky at all and it’s definitely not rocket science.

The good news is t-charging infrastructure seems to be growing, and prolific entrepreneur Elon Musk even announced an e-bike project. The Tesla e-bike looks outlandish, and we are excited to test it but one thing is for sure, it’ll change the e-biking landscape forever.

One particular survey shows that around 100 million people ride electric bikes at least once a year. However, many people underestimate the role of electric assistance, and it’s ability to makethe riding experience much easier and so can charging your bike properly.

How to Prolong Electric Bike’s Battery Life?

The best way to increase your battery range is by taking care of your battery. One of the most common mistakes that e-bike riders make is they don’t remove batteries when they wash them. You see, it’s essential to clean and store your battery correctly and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures. For best results, we recommend charging your bike at home before you leave for the day. How you charge an e-bike is very important, as well as careful handling.

How you charge your e-bike is just as important as when you charge it. For instance, you mustn’t drop it on the floor. It needs to be replaced accurately. And if you rent an e-bike through a Whizz subscription, then you can actually store it at our Manhattan location overnight for just $29 a month.

Now, how do you know when your e-bike battery is fully charged? Usually, there is a charging indicator with a grid whichmakes it easy to understand when the battery is fully recharged. It allows you to see the battery level on your display.

There are also alternative ways to charge an e-bike, such as with solar panels. You can charge your bike with the Jackery Solar Generator 300 which allows you to charge your bike quickly and efficiently. In fact, there are many videos on YouTube about the pros and cons of solar powering, and this style of charging is popularfor those who do touring or camping.


While more and more people are becoming familiar with e-bikes, not all of them know about the charging rules. That’s why we wrote this helpful and concise guide and we offer free advice and even repairs with each Whizz bike rental subscription.

There are two bike options available with standard and extra battery. Of course, if you’re ready to buy a new e-bike, that option is available as well.

We also give a U-lock, basket, and phone mount for free. Whether you want an e-bike for delivery or commuting, you will enjoy our service. Remember to apply your personal promo code k30 to get a $30 discount on your subscription.

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