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off discount on
Whizz e-bikes

Rent an e-bike starting at $127/mo and enjoy up to 60 miles battery range!

*Plus Tax


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How to rent an
Electric Bike for Delivery


Reserve an e-bike now

Sign up and subscribe to Whizz


Come in and pick up the bike

Pay and be on the way to earn
more money


Subscription renewal

It's automatic.
No need to come to our office


Free maintenance

If it breaks, we will fix it for free
or exchange the e-bike

Our sturdy e-bikes
are designed to make
delivery easy

The battery can last for up to 60 miles

Sturdy frame for safe rides on tough roads

Comfortable saddle for long ride

High-speed transport up to 25 MPH

Our e-bikes grip well off-road

300lb capacity for heavy deliveries

What's new at Whizz

  • Become one of the first 100 customers to get a $29 worth helmet for free with your e-bike rental

    • Lightweight in-mold construction
    • Integrated lights make night‑time driving safer with better visibility

  • Free Test Ride

    You can test ride the Whizz E-bike
    for free at our Manhattan
    and Brooklyn locations

  • Protection plan
    for only $29*/month

    Have а peace of mind with regards to your rental

    Covers 50% of serious mechanical failures and pay only $400 in case of theft or loss of the e-bike

    *Intentional damages or rider's negligence are not covered

  • A refurbished bike is a thoroughly checked and restored pre-owned bicycle, guaranteeing reliable performance with a meticulous 30-point checklist, all at a fraction of the cost

  • Whizz Insulated Backpacks:
    Just $45!

    Keep food hot or cold with dividers that maintain the perfect temperature
    Lasting over 1.5 years of daily deliveries on average, it's a durable investment

  • Earn up to $240
    per referred client

    Join the chat, get your personal promo code, share it with friends and earn cash!

Battery life

up to 8 hours
60 miles



Brake system


Battery life

up to 6 hours
50 miles



Brake system


Battery life

up to 6 hours
50 miles



Brake system


For all new customers

Use the promo code to get 15% off


Extra battery for only $49/mo

Additional battery can be rented only with e-bike rental


Full charge cycles


Ride up to 8 hours
or 60 miles per day

capacity 48V,
18 Ah, 864 Wh

Battery Weight
7 lbs

Easy to remove
and lock with
included key

Charge level

Good waterproof performance

A handy USB
port 5V, 1Amp

Both bike and battery are certified in accordance with the UL 2849 and UL 2271 standards

Free maintenance
and repairs

• If it breaks, we will fix it for free within 30 minutes or exchange the e-bike

• No appointment needed

Multilingual support.
Up to 5 mins response time*

• English

• Spanish

• Russian

*within working hours

Free accessories
to every subscription*

• Durable U-lock

• Roomy basket

• Secure phone mount

• Alarm system

• Reflective vest

*Upon availability

Feedback from our clients

  • Jordan Corporan

    10 July 2023

    At first I was hesitant to come by due do some of the reviews. I decided to come by. I came in for a new delivery bag and Carla was so nice and made the process quick and transparent. Her customer service skills are Gold Status. I might come back for a e-bike next time. 5 stars received fairly. You guys rock 😁😁

  • A Bb

    30 June 2023

    Customer service was Fantastic from I walked in the door. Marlene, was very helpful in explaining the services available and payment plans. I would refer them to anybody

  • MoneyChaser100 4life

    18 March 2023

    If you meet Elijah, He's Awesome & helped me out with all the steps i needed to retrieve my Bike Fast. He was very well mannered and respectful .. customer service was excellent & Everything was Straight to the Point ..Bike looks Great & Perform Very Well 👍🏽 💯

  • Christian Paredes

    15 March 2023

    Best rental bike service. I got my first ebike here, it's been almost a month and the bike has performed in excellent condition. The battery has last me almost an entire day doing deliveries and haven't take it for a repair once. The brakes and gears are always on point. I will recommended Whizz over other bike services to anyone planning to rent an ebike.

  • Harold D

    10 March 2023

    I have been with them since November and they are great. Friendly service. Anytime I have a problem with the bike, they fix it on the spot. Marlene is perfect.

  • Aziz Amonov

    7 March 2023

    I have a good experience with this company. I have rented a faster e-bike, by which I earned good money by servicing delivery. They also provide a good quality bag, phone holder and locker. I am going to use the services of this company in the near future.

  • Danielle Jones

    18 February 2023

    Coming to whizz e bikes was amazing!!! Elijah that works there was very helpful and knowledgeable about their E-bikes!! I would recommend anybody to come in here and rent one of there E-bikes. You won’t be disappointed..

  • Bambu Jax

    15 January 2023

    Over all a good service 👌 the staff and customer service Are very informative. The bike itself operates very well considering common wear and tear i.e. Flat tires some basket screws falling out as you ride pretty much from vibration. As for operation the bike moves well and you can get a full 8 hours using pedal assist. I would recommend it to anyone who needed to earn extra money on the side and wanted a delivery bike Without having to commit to a permanent purchase.

    view more

  • 0 0

    13 January 2023

    Great price affordable and great durable bikes, highly recommended after my first time using! Elijah is the best too! He was super helpful throughout the whole rental process and made sure I knew how to use the bike, the ins and outs, and what to do to keep the bike safe and use it safely. And, a few things I forgot like how to turn on the headlights and whatnot, and I emailed Elijah and he immediately got back to me, so I really appreciated his superb customer service, Elijah is the man! Super highly recommended, the folks there are all great, and Elijah and Henry will make sure you're taken good care of, will definitely tell all my friends about this!

    view more

  • joshua freeman

    26 December 2022

    The bike is very smooth and is faster than I expected! Ashley helped me sign up for my subscription and was very friendly! I will definitely be doing a lot of deliveries on this bike!

  • imanol encarnacion

    4 October 2022

    Whizz is one of the best. I assure you. You can go and try your bike. They are one of the best and the service and the best. Any damage will be fixed on the same day. I was punctured on a tire and when I went in 20 minutes it was ready. You won't regret going to get yours.

    How to find us

    • Choose location:

      • Whizz
        229W 13th St, New York, NY 10011

        Working hours:
        Mon - Fri 8AM - 8PM
        Sat 10AM - 4PM
        Sun 10AM - 4PM

        It's a 5-minute walk from the 14th St Subway Station

      • Whizz
        745 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206

        Working hours:
        Mon - Sat 10AM - 6PM

        A block away from Flushing Ave Station via M and J Trains

    • Choose location:

      You can test ride the Whizz E-bike for free at our
      Manhattan and Brooklyn location

      • Whizz
        229W 13th St, New York, NY 10011

        Working hours:
        Mon - Fri 8AM - 8PM
        Sat 10AM - 4PM
        Sun 10AM - 4PM

        It's a 5-minute walk from the 14th St Subway Station

      • Whizz
        745 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206

        Working hours:
        Mon - Sat 10AM - 6PM

        A block away from Flushing Ave Station via M and J Trains

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How Whizz subscription works?

      You subscribe on the website by following our instructions. After that, our manager contacts you to coordinate the details of the transfer of a bicycle. The subscription begins to take effect from the moment you receive your bicycle. You use it until you get tired of it. If you no longer need a bike, you can cancel your subscription, and drop off your bicycle at our location.

    • Who can rent?

      An e-bike rental subscription can be issued to a person with a government issued ID which is valid for next three month and the person is 18 years old and over.

      Also you'll need

      - Debit/credit card in your name (cash/prepaid not accepted)

      - Proof of address (digital copy, e.g. latest bank statement, is acceptable)

      - SSN is no longer needed. In rare cases a refundable deposit may apply

      We conduct background checks for all customers. In rare cases where a customer doesn't pass, we may be unable to provide an e-bike or require a deposit.

    • What is included in the subscription?

      The subscription includes an electric bike, vest, alarm system, phone mount, a charger and a safety lock. A bicycle basket is provided for free upon availability. We also have a protection plan and overnight storage service.

    • Am I getting a new e-bike?

      By subscribing, you will receive a new e-bike or which is in like new condition.

    • How to use an e-bike?

      The terms of use can be found by following the link. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with NYC bicycle rules by following the link.

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