Rental service in Manhattan


Мы находимся по адресу

  • Whizz E-Bikes Rental in Manhattan
    229W 13th St, New York, NY 10011

    График работы:
    Пн-Пт 8AM - 8PM
    Сб-Вс 10AM - 4PM

    Находится в 5 минутах ходьбы от станции метро 14 St.

Want to rent an e-bike in Manhattan? Looking for a rental location near you?

Whizz is the e-bike monthly subscription service. We provide delivery businesses and delivery riders with modern urban electric vehicles and take care of their maintenance and repair. We allow delivery businesses to boost the number of orders delivered and reduce delivery times with no large up-front payments and no worries of e-bike breakdowns.

At Whizz, we strive to help delivery riders achieve higher earnings by providing them with more than a vehicle for the best value. We provide our customers with outstanding service, taking over all the burdens arising from ownership and solve issues on demand.

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