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Our sturdy e-bikes
are designed to make
delivery easy

The battery can last for up to 85 miles

Sturdy frame for safe rides on tough roads

Comfortable saddle for long ride

High-speed transport up to 25 MPH

Our e-bikes grip well off-road

300lb capacity for heavy deliveries

courier with e-bike

Riders Plan
Save big on everything
you need!

Our new plan for professional riders

Storm-2 bike

Protection plan

Backpack + helmet + chain lock + gloves

U-lock + basket + phone mount + alarm system

Both bike and battery are certified in accordance with the UL 2849 and UL 2271 standards


Storm-2 electric bike

Battery life

electric bike battery

up to 12 hours
85 miles


electric bike speed


Brake system

electric bike brake system

Puncture protection

Storm electric bike

Battery life

electric bike battery

up to 8 hours
60 miles


electric bike speed


Brake system

electric bike brake system


Breeze electric bike

Battery life

electric bike battery

up to 6 hours
50 miles


electric bike speed


Brake system

electric bike brake system


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Join Whizz Today and Enjoy:

The best price on the market

Average price 179$
– Whizz’s subscription 159$

Safe rides:

Whizz's green E-bikes will help you be visible to drivers, while additional accessories and protection from our catalog ensure a safe journey on the road

Premium quality for your ride

Our e-bikes ensure a comfortable saddle position. Experience extra comfort throughout your working day!

What's new at Whizz

  • happy man with e-bike

    Free test ride

    You can test a Whizz e-bike for free at our Manhattan, Brooklyn,Midtown,
    and Harlem locations in NYC.

  • Buy a helmet for just $29 with your e-bike rental plan

    • Lightweight in-mold construction
    • Integrated lights make night‑time riding safer with better visibility

    29 dollars helmet
  • Protection Plan
    for only $29/month*

    Coverage includes 50% of repair costs, and you pay only $500 in the event of e-bike theft.

    *Intentional damage and rider negligence are not covered.

    bike with protection plan
  • Great Whizz
    backpack for $45

    Constructed of heavy-duty polyester and featuring a genuine YKK zipper, you can rely on our backpack in any situation.

    Backpack for 35 dollars
  • Earn $100
    for each referral

    Purchase any product or subscribe to Whizz e-bikes, get your personal promo code, share it with friends, and get paid via PayPal!

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Fast and free maintenance and repairs

• If it breaks, we’ll fix it in 30 min or exchange the e-bike

• No appointment needed

Multilingual support.
Get a response in 5 minutes or less*

• English • Spanish

• Russian • French

• Turkish • Arab

whizz support

*During business hours

Free accessories
with every subscription

• Durable U-lock

• Roomy basket

• Secure phone mount

• Alarm system

Free accessories for electric bike

Feedback from other riders

  • Jordan Corporan


    10 July 2023

    At first I was hesitant to come by due do some of the reviews. I decided to come by. I came in for a new delivery bag and Carla was so nice and made the process quick and transparent. Her customer service skills are Gold Status. I might come back for a e-bike next time. 5 stars received fairly. You guys rock 😁😁

  • A Bb


    30 June 2023

    Customer service was Fantastic from I walked in the door. Marlene, was very helpful in explaining the services available and payment plans. I would refer them to anybody

  • MoneyChaser100 4life


    18 March 2023

    If you meet Elijah, He's Awesome & helped me out with all the steps i needed to retrieve my Bike Fast. He was very well mannered and respectful .. customer service was excellent & Everything was Straight to the Point ..Bike looks Great & Perform Very Well 👍🏽 💯

  • Christian Paredes


    15 March 2023

    Best rental bike service. I got my first ebike here, it's been almost a month and the bike has performed in excellent condition. The battery has last me almost an entire day doing deliveries and haven't take it for a repair once. The brakes and gears are always on point. I will recommended Whizz over other bike services to anyone planning to rent an ebike.

  • Harold D


    10 March 2023

    I have been with them since November and they are great. Friendly service. Anytime I have a problem with the bike, they fix it on the spot. Marlene is perfect.

  • Aziz Amonov


    7 March 2023

    I have a good experience with this company. I have rented a faster e-bike, by which I earned good money by servicing delivery. They also provide a good quality bag, phone holder and locker. I am going to use the services of this company in the near future.

  • Danielle Jones


    18 February 2023

    Coming to whizz e bikes was amazing!!! Elijah that works there was very helpful and knowledgeable about their E-bikes!! I would recommend anybody to come in here and rent one of there E-bikes. You won’t be disappointed..

  • Bambu Jax


    15 January 2023

    Over all a good service 👌 the staff and customer service Are very informative. The bike itself operates very well considering common wear and tear i.e. Flat tires some basket screws falling out as you ride pretty much from vibration. As for operation the bike moves well and you can get a full 8 hours using pedal assist. I would recommend it to anyone who needed to earn extra money on the side and wanted a delivery bike Without having to commit to a permanent purchase.

    view more

  • 0 0


    13 January 2023

    Great price affordable and great durable bikes, highly recommended after my first time using! Elijah is the best too! He was super helpful throughout the whole rental process and made sure I knew how to use the bike, the ins and outs, and what to do to keep the bike safe and use it safely. And, a few things I forgot like how to turn on the headlights and whatnot, and I emailed Elijah and he immediately got back to me, so I really appreciated his superb customer service, Elijah is the man! Super highly recommended, the folks there are all great, and Elijah and Henry will make sure you're taken good care of, will definitely tell all my friends about this!

    view more

  • joshua freeman


    26 December 2022

    The bike is very smooth and is faster than I expected! Ashley helped me sign up for my subscription and was very friendly! I will definitely be doing a lot of deliveries on this bike!

  • imanol encarnacion


    4 October 2022

    Whizz is one of the best. I assure you. You can go and try your bike. They are one of the best and the service and the best. Any damage will be fixed on the same day. I was punctured on a tire and when I went in 20 minutes it was ready. You won't regret going to get yours.

    How to find us

    • Choose location nearby:

      • point

        Whizz E-Bikes Rental in Midtown
        407 W 39th St, New York, NY 10018

        Working hours:
        Mon - Sun 10AM - 6PM

        It’s 10 minutes away from 'Times Sq - 42nd St' subway station

      • point

        Whizz E-Bikes Rental in Manhattan
        229 W 13th St, New York, NY 10011

        Working hours:
        Mon - Fri 8AM - 8PM
        Sat - Sun 10AM - 4PM

        It's a 5-minute walk from the 14th St Subway Station

      • point

        Whizz E-Bikes Rental in Harlem
        206 E 116th St, New York, NY 10029

        Working hours:
        Mon - Sun 10AM - 6PM

        It's a 4-minute walk from the 116th St Subway Station

      • point

        Whizz E-Bikes Rental in Brooklyn
        745 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206

        Working hours:
        Mon - Sun 10AM - 6PM

        A block away from Flushing Ave Station via M and J Trains

    Frequently asked questions

      • How do I get a bike?

        Leave an inquiry on our website and our representative will reach out to you to schedule a pickup at one of our locations. Your subscription begins the moment you get your bike. Enjoy endless rides! If you're done, simply cancel your subscription and drop off the bike at our location. Getting started and staying on the move with Whizz is that simple!

      • Who can rent?

        You can get an e-bike rental subscription if you meet the following criteria:

        ● you’re at least 18 years old
        ● you have a valid US-issued ID
        ● you own a debit/credit card in your name (cash/prepaid not accepted)

        Note: We no longer require SSN. Occasionally, a refundable deposit may be needed. 
        Proof of address is not required with the exception of: 
        - Out-of-state addresses
        - No address indicated on the provided ID

        We perform background checks on all customers. If you don't pass, we might not be able to rent you an e-bike or may require a deposit.

      • What's included in the subscription?

        With your subscription, you get an electric bike equipped with an alarm system, phone mount, charger, and safety lock. A bike basket is also available for free when in stock. For a small additional fee, you can opt for our protection plan for extra peace of mind. Extra accessories can be purchased separately. Plus, the subscription includes free maintenance and repairs for wear and tear.

      • How can I cancel my subscription?

        To cancel, simply return the e-bike to one of our locations within 24 hours of your subscription expiration, during our working hours. This applies to both monthly and weekly subscriptions.

      • What maintenance and repair is covered by subscription?

        Our subscriptions include free maintenance covering standard wear and tear. Here's what's included:


        - Changing flat tires
        - Brake adjustments
        - Gear adjustments
        - Seat adjustments
        - Front and rear light adjustments
        - Wheel adjustments

        Parts Included: Tubes, Tires, Pads, Rotors, Chains, Cassette, etc.

      • What is the Whizz Referral Program and how does it work?

        The Whizz Affiliate Program allows individuals to earn commissions by promoting Whizz and referring new customers to us. Once you join the program, you'll get unique referral links and promo codes to share. You'll earn a commission for each successful referral that results in a new customer renting a bike from Whizz. For more information, visit our Affiliates page.

      • Am I getting a new e-bike?

        When you subscribe for rental plans, you'll receive either a brand-new e-bike or one in like-new condition upon availability. For rent-to-own plans, we exclusively provide brand-new bikes.

      • How to use an e-bike?

        You can find our terms of use by following the provided link. We also recommend familiarizing yourself with NYC bicycle rules, accessible via another link.

      • Should I leave my e-bike at designated stations?

        No, you're free to park your e-bike anywhere, as long as it's safe and doesn't obstruct pedestrian or vehicle traffic. We require you to use bike stands and to always remove the battery and lock the bike-both of which are included in your subscription. For added security, do not leave the e-bike unattended for extended periods, especially overnight.

      • What should I do if an e-bike is stolen?

        Please treat the e-bike as if it were your own and take all the required safety measures. If the bike is stolen, immediately contact our customer support. We strongly recommend filing a police report. To minimize your financial responsibility, consider opting for our e-bike protection plan. 

      • My e-bike broke down, what should I do?

        If you experience issues with your e-bike or battery, stop using it right away and contact us to arrange a replacement or repair. Please note that your subscription covers normal wear and tear only; additional fees may apply for other types of damage.

      • Am I charged fines in case of e-bike breakdown?

        We handle all maintenance and mechanical issues arising from proper use of the e-bike. If the bike breaks down due to improper or negligent use, you'll be responsible for the repair costs proportional to the damage caused. Normal wear and tear is covered under your subscription. Specific damage fees amounts can be found in the agreement. To reduce potential costs, consider opting for our e-bike protection plan.


      • What is a "like-new" condition?

        A "like-new" condition bike is a pre-used bicycle that has been rigorously checked and restored. It undergoes a meticulous 30-point checklist to guarantee reliable performance.

      • Do you provide insurance against breakdowns, theft, or damage by third parties?

        Yes, we offer a Protection Plan as part of your rental for a small extra fee. This plan partially covers your financial liability for damages and mechanical issues caused by negligence during the rental period. It also reduces your financial responsibility in the event of theft by third parties. For more details on what's covered, please refer to the E-bike Subscription Agreement.

      • How does the Rent-to-Own Program work?

        Our enhanced Rent-to-Own (RTO) Program offers a customer-friendly approach to owning the e-bike you crave. With a $99 down payment and the first installment of $179, you can immediately start riding the Storm-2 e-bike with comprehensive WhizzCare maintenance service. The cost is spread over 12 manageable installments of $179, covering the e-bike and WhizzCare package. After completing the 12 payments, the e-bike is all yours. You can find more information in our E-bike subscription agreement and Rent-to-own supplemental agreement

      • Who can apply for the program?

        Our e-bike Rent-to-Own Program is open to individuals 18 and above who can provide the necessary documents as follows:

        – US-issued ID
        – Debit/credit card in their name (cash/prepaid not accepted)

        Note: Proof of address is not required with the exception of: 

        – Out-of-state addresses
        – No address indicated on the provided ID

      • What's included in the Rent-to-Own Program?

        Our enhanced Rent-to-Own Program offers a comprehensive e-bike experience tailored to your needs. It includes the Storm-2 e-bike with essential accessories, such as a phone mount, charger, advanced alarm system, and safety lock. Additionally, enjoy free add-ons like a bicycle basket where available.

        For the first 12 months, we automatically include WhizzCare in your Rent-to-Own Program. After this initial period, you can choose whether to continue with WhizzCare or unsubscribe from this service, depending on your maintenance needs and preferences.

      • Am I getting a new e-bike?

        Under our Rent-to-Own program, we provide new e-bikes to customers who enroll from day one of their subscription. However, we've designed the flexibility for you to switch to the RTO program anytime within the first four months of your subscription.

      • How do I use an e-bike?

        You can find our terms of use by following the provided link. We also recommend familiarizing yourself with NYC bicycle rules, accessible via another link.

      • What should I do if my e-bike is stolen?

        We ask that you take all necessary safety precautions to prevent theft. However, if your e-bike is stolen, we recommend contacting the police, and we will charge you the cost indicated in the Property Receipt Form. We also have a Protection Plan for $29/month that can offer you additional peace of mind by covering all but up to $500 in case of theft.

      • Can I return the e-bike earlier, before the Rent-to-Own Program ends?

        You're free to return the e-bike at any point before the end of your Rent-to-Own Program. However, please note that the transfer of e-bike ownership will only occur once all payments are completed, and your initial down payment will not be refunded upon returning the bike.

      • My e-bike broke down. What should I do?

        In case of mechanical issues with your e-bike, immediately stop using it and contact us to arrange repairs.

      • Will I be fined if my e-bike breaks down?

        We take full responsibility for maintaining the e-bike and handling any mechanical issues that may arise, so long as the e-bike is used properly and no negligence is observed. If the issues are a result of improper or careless use of the bike, the user will be responsible for paying for the damages in proportion to the extent of the damage. Normal wear and tear is included in our covered maintenance. You can find more information about the fines in the agreement. And we also have a Protection Plan that can offer you additional peace of mind.

      • If the e-bike is damaged/broken, how do you determine if it's the user's fault?

        Our team of expert bike mechanics will thoroughly examine the bike to determine its condition. You can find more information about this process in the E-bike agreement subscription.

      • Where do you provide service?

        We currently provide services in New York City, USA.

      • How can I pay?

        You can pay for your subscription using a credit or debit card issued in your name. We don't accept cash, checks, or prepaid cards. After registering, you'll receive a payment link. Please note that your subscription renews automatically, and we'll charge for the next month unless you cancel beforehand.

      • What's included in the free maintenance service?

        Our Rent-to-Own Program features free maintenance and repairs for wear and tear, including the following:

        - Flat tires changes
        - Brake adjustments
        - Gear adjustments

        - Inner Tubes
        - Tires
        - Brake Pads
        - Rotors
        - Chains
        - Cassette

      • What happens after I make all the necessary payments?

        Once you complete all the payments under our Rent-to-Own Program, we'll transfer full ownership of the e-bike to you. At this significant milestone, you become the sole owner of the bike. It's important to note that upon this transfer of ownership, the agreements pertaining to our services, such as maintenance and repair (including WhizzCare), will be concluded. You can choose to continue your WhizzCare subscription or unsubscribe. From this point forward, while you enjoy complete ownership of the e-bike, the responsibility for its maintenance and care will also be entirely yours. We aim to ensure a smooth ownership transition by providing all the necessary support until you fully pay for your e-bike.

      • What exactly is the "Whizz Referral Program" and how does it work?

        The Whizz Referral Program allows you to earn commissions by promoting Whizz and referring new customers. When people you refer join the program, they share your unique referral link or promo code. You receive a commission for each referral that leads to a new customer renting an e-bike from Whizz. More details are available on the Referral Program page.

      • How do I get a moped from Whizz?

        Leave an inquiry on our website, and our representative will contact you within 15 minutes. After completing the verification process (we do not check your credit score), make your first month's payment and a down payment.

        You can then choose to have the moped delivered to your address or pick it up from our location in Brooklyn. We will provide you with all the necessary documents to register your moped with the DMV.


      • Who is eligible for a Whizz e-moped installment plan?

        You can start an e-moped installment plan if you meet the following criteria:

        • You are at least 18 years old.
        • You have a valid US driver's license.
        • You own a debit or credit card in your name (cash and prepaid cards are not accepted).

        Proof of address is generally not required, except in the case of out-of-state addresses.

        Please note that we perform background checks on all customers. If you do not pass the background check, we might not be able to provide you with this plan.

      • Do I have to register a moped myself?

        Yes, you will need to register your e-moped yourself. We will provide you with all the necessary documents to register your e-moped and obtain the license plates. Please note that all mopeds must be registered and insured in New York.

      • Can I cancel an installment plan?

        Once you start an installment plan, it cannot be canceled. We understand that circumstances can change, but it's important to complete the payment plan in full. If you are unable to make a payment, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your options. Please note that failure to make payments may result in the repossession of the moped without refunds.

      • Who is responsible for traffic tickets and fines?

        You are responsible for any traffic tickets and fines incurred while using the moped. It's important to follow all traffic laws and regulations to avoid penalties.

      • Should I leave my e-moped at designated stations?

        No, you are free to park your e-moped in any legal and safe location. Ensure it does not obstruct pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Here are specific guidelines:

        • Street Parking: Use legal parking spaces, avoiding driveways, fire hydrants, and crosswalks.
        • Bike Stands: Use bike stands or designated motorcycle parking areas where available.
        • Sidewalks: Do not park on sidewalks or pedestrian paths.
        • Residential & Commercial Areas: Avoid blocking entrances or exits and follow local parking restrictions.
        • Security: Remove the battery and lock the moped every time when you leave it unattended, especially overnight.

      • Am I required to have an M endorsement for riding a Whizz e-moped?

        No, our mopeds are classified as Class B mopeds, which means you do not need a motorcycle (M) endorsement to ride them. You only need a regular driver's license. For more details, please refer to NYC DOT E-Bikes.

      • What is a lien?

        Upon starting this plan, a lien will be placed on your e-moped for the duration of the plan. A lien is a legal claim against your moped as security for a debt. If you fail to make the required payments on your installment plan, a Whizz representative can repossess your moped, and no refund for the previous payments will be made. Once you have made all the payments, the lien is canceled, and you fully own the moped.

      • Where can Whizz bikes be registered?

        Whizz bikes are certified to be registered in New York. You can complete the registration process through the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). We will provide you with all the necessary documents to facilitate the registration. Please note that all mopeds must be also insured in New York.

      • What if my moped breaks?

        You can bring your moped to our Brooklyn location for maintenance and repairs, or use third-party services. To be eligible for maintenance and repair services at Whizz, you need to purchase the Whizz Care plan for $29 per month.

      • How can I pay?

        You can pay for your installment plan using a credit or debit card issued in your name. We do not accept cash, checks, or prepaid cards. Please note that your monthly payments will be charged automatically to your card according to your payment plan.

      • How can I pay?

        You can pay for your subscription using a credit or debit card issued in your name. We don't accept cash, checks, or prepaid cards. Please note that your subscription will renew automatically and the fee for the next month will be charged if you don't cancel beforehand.

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