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How Many Orders Can You Do on an E-bike

By Anastasiia Chub

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How many orders can you do on an e-bike? How many orders per day? How many orders per week? How can you improve the order number with an e-bike? The law is the limit

How many orders can you do on an e-bike, and will this affect your earnings?

E-bikes are much more practical than many people realize.

They have become one of the most convenient options for Uber, Grubhub, and Doordash delivery riders, as well as any other food delivery service.

Electric bikes have proven to be a much more convenient option than traditional bicycles. Most of riders use them daily.

They can reach a fairly high speed, require less fatigue than normal bicycles, and can help you go on longer rides.

And, if you get a proper e-bike, you can deliver orders to a large number of customers without too much hassle.

Here's everything you need to know.

How many orders can you do on an e-bike?

Determining the exact number of orders one can do on an e-bike can be tricky, as there are many things you need to take into consideration.

This includes the battery size and motor requirements, all of which are limited by the law.

Luckily, many Grubhub and Doordash drivers were pretty vocal in sharing their personal experiences.

How many orders per day?

Most delivery riders have reported taking between 5 and 8 deliveries each day while using an e-bike.

Also, these deliveries were usually longer distances than the ones taken on traditional bikes, which further increased earnings.

Our electric bikes with Samsung cell batteries have an impressive lifespan of up to 85 miles.

While the exact longevity of the battery depends on several factors, such as the terrain and maximum speed, this still allows for a great number of drives, even on a busy day.

Luckily, since NYC has built more than 470 miles of bike lanes since 2014, the local authority has made sure the city is a great option for those who use e-bikes for delivery work and that a high number of rides can be made.

How many orders per week?

Most electric bike riders who work in delivery work 5 or 6 days a week, 8 to 10-hour shifts.

Delivery riders typically have the option to choose how many days and hours per week they'll work. They can decline orders they don't like for the best offers they get, so they can make the most money possible per order.

This allows them to optimize the number of deliveries they complete every week.

With high-quality electric bikes, they can complete between 30 and 40 deliveries weekly.

How can you improve the order number with an e-bike?

There are several ways in which delivery riders can improve their earnings. Of course, they should try to get high ratings and make sure the orders they choose are high-paying.

Still, their e-bike can play an important role.

This is how:

  • First off, you need to choose the proper e-bike, such as the Storm-2.
  • A good e-bike should go at least 20 miles per hour and have a battery that can last at least 10 hours, with a range of 80 miles or more.
  • You should also look for a bike with operable pedals that can help you use pedaling to help your e-bike last longer using the pedal-assist mode.
  • The e-bike shouldn't have a charging time that is too long. At worst, you should be able to charge it while you are sleeping.

When you pick an e-bike with all these features, your vehicle delivery will go smoothly.

You'll be able to earn as much money as someone with a car - even more, in fact, when you count the fuel and parking costs.

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The law is the limit

Keep in mind that local authorities and their regulations can affect the limits of your e-bike.

The New York City Department of Transportation classifies e-bikes based on their speed capabilities, motor size, and other characteristics.

Class 3 e-bikes are considered the best for delivery workers, as they are the fastest and can travel up to 25 mph. They also have both the throttle and operable pedals.

The minimum age for riding a Class 3 e-bike is 16, but you don't need a driver's lesson.

While helmet laws vary depending on the bike class, the local government does say that you need to wear a helmet for a Class 3 e-bike.

Why Are Storm E-bikes the Best for Delivery Riders?

The Storm and Storm-2 e-bikes by Whizz are considered by many to be the best e-bikes for delivery workers due to some major advantages they offer compared to bikes of a similar price range.

Storm 2 is a modern Class 3 e-bike with a range of up to 85 miles and a speed of 25 mph. This is more than enough for even the busiest working days.

It has a comfortable saddle and puncture-proof tires, and it uses modern batteries that increase the period between two charges.

Finally, it offers a high-quality no-theft system, which is very important for busy NYC streets.

If you wondered how many orders you can do on an e-bike, with Storm-2, you'd be able to maximize that number - and with it, the amount of money you earn.

The Storm e-bike is quite similar to the Storm-2 but suitable for smaller delivery numbers. However, it comes at a lower cost, which is a significant advantage for many riders.

It also has a roomy basket and a phone mount, perfect for carrying deliveries.

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