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Does Uber Eats give you a bike?

By Andrew Antokhin

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Uber Eats does not provide delivery equipment such as bikes to its couriers. However, they have partnered with a third-party supplier who offers various products at fair prices, including food delivery bags, bicycle accessories, and clothing. If you choose to purchase equipment through this supplier, it becomes your property, and you can use it for your Uber Eats deliveries. Typically, the purchased equipment is delivered within 1 to 2 business days. It's important to note that as a courier, you are responsible for providing your own transportation and delivery equipment, including a bike if you choose to use one for deliveries. Key points to note about this arrangement are:

  • Equipment Purchase: Couriers have the option to purchase delivery equipment through this third-party supplier. Once purchased, this equipment, including any bike accessories, becomes the property of the courier.
  • Delivery of Purchased Items: Typically, the equipment ordered from the supplier is delivered within 1 to 2 business days, ensuring that couriers can quickly equip themselves for efficient deliveries.
  • Courier Responsibility: It is important for couriers to understand that they are responsible for providing their own transportation and delivery equipment. This means if a courier chooses to use a bike for Uber Eats deliveries, they need to acquire it themselves.
  • Use of Personal Equipment: Any equipment, including bikes, that couriers choose to use for Uber Eats deliveries is their responsibility. They must ensure that their equipment is in good working condition for effective and safe deliveries.

In this context, couriers might find Whizz e-bikes to be a suitable choice for their Uber Eats deliveries, especially given their design and features tailored for urban delivery scenarios. While Uber Eats does not supply bikes, partnering with a third-party for equipment and accessories provides couriers with options to enhance their delivery experience.

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