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How to be a dasher without a car?

By Andrew Antokhin

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Alternatives to car-based food delivery Bicycle Delivery Motorcycle/Scooter Delivery Walking Delivery Why e-bikes are ideal for "newbie Dashers" Conclusion

To be a Dasher (a delivery person for DoorDash) without a car, you can use other modes of transportation such as a bicycle, electric bike, scooter, or even walking, depending on the market and local DoorDash policies.

DoorDash has a specific program called the "Dasher Biker" program in select markets, which allows delivery partners to use these alternative modes for deliveries.

You just need to set your default vehicle type in the Dasher app to a bike or whatever mode of transportation you're using.

This will ensure you receive delivery requests suitable for your transportation mode.

Alternatives to car-based food delivery

Bicycle Delivery

Widely used due to its agility in navigating congested streets and its eco-friendliness.

Many food delivery platforms in NYC employ cyclists to handle a significant portion of their deliveries.

Here, you have to choose between a regular bike and an e-bike, which is definitely more convenient for daily driving.

Motorcycle/Scooter Delivery

Particularly effective for quick deliveries in urban environments like NYC, motorcycles and scooters can maneuver through traffic more swiftly than cars.

This mode of delivery is popular among services like Uber Eats and DoorDash, where estimates indicate that approximately 20% of deliveries.

Walking Delivery

Primarily used in highly dense areas where foot traffic is more practical than vehicular transport.

In NYC, walking couriers are utilized for deliveries in neighborhoods with heavy pedestrian activity, such as parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

While exact numbers vary, walking couriers contribute significantly to the delivery operations, especially in areas with limited parking and high pedestrian density.

Why e-bikes are ideal for "newbie Dashers"

E-bikes offer a cost-effective entry into delivery work, with lower upfront and operating costs compared to cars.

Their maneuverability in urban settings and ease of parking make them practical for navigating busy streets of NYC.

Don't forget that e-bikes contribute to a cleaner environment, promote physical activity, and provide flexibility in scheduling and route planning.

They require minimal training and maintenance, making them a convenient and accessible option for newcomers entering the delivery service industry.

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When considering the role of a dasher (delivery person), utilizing an e-bike stands out as the superior choice, particularly from a financial perspective.

E-bikes offer significant cost savings compared to traditional delivery vehicles. They have lower maintenance expenses and operate on electric power, eliminating fuel costs entirely.

This translates into higher profitability for dashers, as they can complete deliveries more efficiently in urban environments where parking and traffic congestion are common challenges.

By leveraging the agility and affordability of e-bikes, dashers can maximize their earnings potential while providing timely and reliable service to customers.

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