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Rent or Buy an Electric Bike? Choose now

By Konstantin Kaliuzhnyj

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Renting an Electric Bike Buying an Electric Bike Leasing an Electric Bike Conclusion Should I rent or buy an electric bike? What are the benefits of renting an electric bike? What are the advantages of buying an electric bike? How do I decide between renting and buying an electric bike? You Might Also Like

As the world of transportation evolves, electric bikes are emerging as a game-changer, particularly for delivery workers in bustling urban environments like New York City. With the recent legalization of e-bikes in New York state, the stage is set for a revolution in last-mile deliveries. In this article, we'll delve into the myriad benefits of utilizing electric bikes, especially through Whizz, a leading rental service making waves in the industry. From affordability to convenience and everything in between, we'll explore why electric bikes are the future of efficient and profitable delivery services. So, buckle up and join us on this journey to discover how Whizz is paving the way for a new era in urban delivery logistics.

New York state has finally legalized e-bikes, so it only makes sense that we explore all the different ways that you could utilize them. For now, there are no stringent regulations around e-bike riding and it’s actually quite profitable for delivery workers. Renting an e-bike with Whizz is simple and inexpensive, with a standard subscription fee of $6 per day ($179 per month. Plus tax). You can also use promo code k30 to get a $30 discount on your first subscription.

There is also a wide range of advantages that come with renting an e-bike with Whizz including the fact that we equip cyclists with sturdy U-locks and spacious bags. Also, we fix any damage to the bike for free! And normally it takes just half an hour, so it won't ruin your schedule. Some of you might know that we offer the lowest subscription price on the market, but all parts of our electric bikes are high quality.

Our U-lock is made of pure steel and will protect your bike from theft, which is quite common in NYС. We started our business with the vision to help delivery workersgenerate more income working in delivery.

Having an e-bike makes sense because it’s pretty fast, easy for parking, and ideal for delivering any cargo. Also, manual pedaling can be tiresome, whereas e-bikes take the strain off your legs and they’re fun to ride. Just be careful and abide by the speed limit though, because it’s easy to go fast on an e-bike. t’s certainly simpler to use than any other mode of transport. But, what's better, to rent or to buy your e-bike? Well, it depends on a number of factors which we’ll explore in depth below. Keep reading to find out what to expect from each option and hopefully, this will help you figure out which one is best for you.

Renting an Electric Bike

Electric bicycles are affordable, easy-to-use, and silent, and renting one is a great option because you can easily start a subscription and return the bikeat any time. The biggest advantage is that there is no need for an additional set of tools. Maintenance is included in the subscription and you can leave your Breeze or Storm e-bike in overnight storage for just an extra $29 per month.

Whizz makes your riding experience smoother than ever. Our goal is to help you earn more so our infrastructure is built to help you get more bang out of your buck whileavoiding the stress of ownership. Distance limits are no longer a problem either as our bikes come with a “no distance limit” feature. And we have e-moped rental!

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Incorporating a comparison of prices with competitors, such as the one available on price page, can be a valuable addition to the article. By highlighting Whizz's competitive pricing and cost-effectiveness compared to other electric bike rental services, readers can gain a clearer understanding of the value proposition offered by Whizz. Additionally, discussing specific price points, discounts, and promotional offers available through Whizz can further emphasize the affordability and accessibility of their rental services. This comparison can help readers make informed decisions about which electric bike rental service best suits their needs and budget.

Buying an Electric Bike

Another option is to buy your electric bike upfront and that’s an option that’s available here at Whizz as well. If you aren’t sure, you can test-ride one of our e-bikes for free at our Manhattan location. You’ll find our staff is always ready to answer any of your questions and all of them are very knowledgeable.

Purchasing an electric bike is a sound investment. Obviously, there are many reasons to buy your e-bike via Whizz but one of the best reasons is because we offer maintenance for only $29/mo. Of course, electric bicycles are absolutely amazing, legal, and self-sufficient as well, so it’s a win-win, really.

The estimated range of an average e-bike is 55+ miles to 110 miles. So if you travel around the city a lot, buying an electric bicycle is a great investment. Plus, going uphill and whizzing about the city is much easier in an e-bike as it requires very little to no effort to operate.

Leasing an Electric Bike

Should your next bike be an e-bike? Definitely! The E-bike market is booming and even Elon Musk recently revealed an insane new e-bike design with outstanding features that are sure to change the game. While we wait for that model to come out, e-bike drivers can still enjoy features like pedal assist which lets you get from point A to point B with less effort. Now, if you’re not comfortable either renting or buying an e-bike there’s also the option to lease your e-bike preferably with a contract that offers the possibility of frequent redemption. Many bike shops offer this deal and it’s kind of nice.


Before we wrap this up, let’s get you familiar with the benefits of using e-bikes. First up, e-bikes are divided into three classes: class 1, class 2, and class 3 with each one offering different acceleration levels. Modern bike manufacturers make excellent e-bikes nowadays so whether you rent or buy, you’ll be getting an excellent deal. E-bikes are much more powerful than cruiser bikes and let you cover more ground which makes them an ideal option for making deliveries.

There is no need for athleticism because acceleration is super easy in an e-bike, so you’ll earn more money without expending more energy. Traffic is usually a significant problem in NYE, but not with an e-bike.

You can get started with a simple Whizz subscriptionand remember to use thepromo code k30 to get a discount on your subscription. This promo code gives a $30 discount for the first month, valid on any plan.

Should I rent or buy an electric bike?

Deciding whether to rent or buy an electric bike depends on your specific needs, frequency of use, budget, and lifestyle. Renting can be a cost-effective option for occasional use or if you wish to try different models before making a purchase. Buying an e-bike is a better investment for regular riders who want the convenience of owning their bike and the ability to customize it to their preferences. Consider how often you plan to ride and whether you're ready for the initial investment of purchasing an e-bike.

What are the benefits of renting an electric bike?

The benefits of renting an electric bike include flexibility and lower upfront costs. Renting allows you to try various e-bike models and types without committing to a purchase, making it ideal for discovering what best suits your needs. It's also convenient for short-term use, such as tourism, temporary commuting solutions, or occasional recreational riding. Renting eliminates concerns about long-term maintenance and storage.

What are the advantages of buying an electric bike?

The advantages of buying an electric bike include long-term savings, personalization, and convenience. Ownership allows unlimited use without the need to return or renew rentals, making it more cost-effective for regular riders. You have the freedom to customize and upgrade your e-bike as you see fit. Buying also means you're not subject to rental availability and can enjoy riding whenever you choose. Additionally, owning an e-bike can encourage more frequent riding, contributing to a healthier lifestyle.

How do I decide between renting and buying an electric bike?

To decide between renting and buying an electric bike, consider your riding habits, budget, and lifestyle needs. If you're new to e-bikes or only need one for a short period, renting might be the best option. However, if you plan to ride frequently or desire a bike that fits your specific needs, buying could be more economical and satisfying in the long run. Assess how often you'll use the bike, your willingness to maintain it, and whether you have space for storage. Weighing these factors can help you make an informed decision that suits your lifestyle and financial situation.

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