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9 Common e-bike delivery problems solved

By Anastasiia Chub

Table of contents:

9 Common e-bike delivery problems 1. Battery life and charging issues 2. Maintenance and repairs 3. Weather conditions 4. Traffic and road conditions 5. Safety concerns 6. E-Bike fires 7. Theft 8. Travel speed 9. Cost management

E-bike has become one of the most prevalent vehicles for delivery workers. According to Business Insider, there are more than 65,000 e-bikes on the streets of NYC, and most of them are used by delivery riders.

There are many advantages to using e-bikes for your delivery business. They require less fatigue than regular bicycles and are more convenient than cars or other motor vehicles.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t some e-bike delivery problems riders face on a regular basis.

However, most of them won't happen if you get the right delivery e-bike.

9 Common e-bike delivery problems

1. Battery life and charging issues

Battery life greatly determines how many deliveries you can make during a shift, as well as what mileage you can ride before you need to pause to charge your e-bike.

Many electric bikes don’t have high-quality batteries, so delivery riders are forced to cut their shifts short.

Considering that the charging duration for most e-bikes is between 3 and 8 hours, this can be quite a nuisance, and is one of the largest e-bike delivery problems.

One of the ways to solve this is to purchase an e-bike that offers a good range. Storm-2 is a great model with a range of up to 85 miles on a single charge, which is more than enough for most delivery riders.

2. Maintenance and repairs

As delivery riders use e-bikes quite frequently, they are likely to experience some wear and tear.

Tires, brakes, and chain are especially susceptible to damage, and repairs can be quite costly.

Fortunately, many rental companies and sellers have readily available spare parts, so the repair process is as straightforward as possible.

Also, if you rent a bike in good condition from a company that ensures its bikes are properly maintained, such as Whizz, you’ll decrease the chances of any malfunctions.

Whizz also has a great protection plan that covers 50% of all repair costs.

3. Weather conditions

Adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rains or snow, can greatly impact the overall riding experience. The same goes for extremely cold or hot temperatures.

Some companies have found a way to tackle this e-bike delivery problem.

For example, Whizz has a Winter Plan with everything you need to ride your e-bike safely during winter.

4. Traffic and road conditions

There are some traffic and road conditions that can negatively affect delivery riders. Poorly maintained roads can damage e-bikes and pose safety risks.

Luckily, NYC is a great city for e-bikes. As of 2022, the city governments have installed more than 1,525 miles of bike lanes that are suitable for delivery riders, as well.

This results in a convenient ride with as few issues as possible.

5. Safety concerns

Riding an e-bike comes with a large number of safety concerns. In 2023, 23 people died while riding an e-bike in NYC alone.

E-bike riders are more exposed than car drivers, which is especially dangerous when riding on the streets.

This is why using proper safety equipment is a must, and this includes helmets and safety vests.

Whizz offers professionally manufactured, lightweight, and durable helmets, as well as other safety gear at an affordable price.

6. E-Bike fires

In the first half of 2024 alone, there were more than 60 incidents of e-bike fires in NYC, and five people have died as a result.

Most of these fires are the result of faulty lithium-ion batteries and the process called thermal runaway.

Luckily for all e-bike riders, this is a rare occurrence, especially if you use an e-bike with quality batteries.

Storm-2 uses Samsung batteries that can last for two to three years without any problems. This not only means your battery will last for a long time but also that it is quite unlikely to cause any incidents.

7. Theft

Theft is always a big problem for any bicyclist, but it is especially harmful for e-bike riders who own or rent expensive e-bikes.

With a purchase of any Whizz’s bike, you’ll get a professional anti-theft system that will reduce the chance of someone stealing your e-bike to a minimum.

Also, the included Protection Plan ensures you’ll only be liable for a small fee if your bike somehow does end up stolen.

8. Travel speed

Some delivery riders seem to think that e-bikes are quite slow and that it takes them a long time to reach the delivery location.

The maximum allowed speed is regulated by law. In NYC, the law states that Class-1 and Class-2 e-bikes can ride at the speed of 20 mph, while the limit is 25 mph for Class-3 bikes.

Storm 2 is one of the fastest e-bikes of its price range in the market. As a Class-3 e-bike, it can reach 25 mph, a state’s maximum, allowing you to complete an order as quickly as possible.

9. Cost management

Another huge e-bike delivery problem is poor cost management.

E-bikes tend to be expensive, especially when you add the price of necessary equipment.

Next to high upfront cost, riders must also count on some ongoing expenses, which includes costs related to maintenance, repairs, and battery replacements.

Whizz offers bike rentals at a starting price of $109 a month, some of the lowest on the market.

You also have rent-to-own option that allow you to eventually become the owner of the bike you’re riding. This is much more affordable than having to pay the whole price of an e-bike upfront.

It also offers a wide variety of equipment and gear, as well as occasional promo codes that will further help decrease the already high expenses of being a delivery rider.

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