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What are the new e-bike laws in NYC?

By Anelisa Nokoyo

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The new e-bike laws in New York City, specifically Int 0663-2022, impose certain requirements on electric bicycles and scooters:

  • Certification Requirements: All electric bicycles sold in the city must be certified to UL 2849, and all electric scooters must be certified to UL 2272. Additionally, lithium-ion batteries used in mobility devices must be certified to UL 2271.
  • Civil Penalties: Violators of this law may face civil penalties of up to $1,000 per violation. This means that individuals or businesses that do not comply with the certification requirements may be subject to fines.

These laws are designed to enhance the safety and quality standards for electric bicycles, scooters, and their components in New York City, ensuring that they meet specific certification standards. It's important for individuals and businesses involved in the sale and use of electric bicycles and scooters to adhere to these regulations to avoid penalties and promote safety.

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