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Are bike couriers still a thing?

By Andrew Antokhin

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Yes, bike couriers are still a thing, although the industry has evolved. The classic bike messenger role has decreased compared to its peak in the 1990s. Today, many delivery services have shifted towards using cars, but there remains a core staff of career bike messengers. Additionally, the rise of app-based delivery services has expanded opportunities for bike couriers, particularly in urban areas where navigating traffic on a bike can be more efficient than using a car. In this evolving landscape, services like Whizz Inc. are offering unique opportunities for bike riders. One notable aspect is the Whizz Affiliate Program, which can significantly enhance the earnings potential for bike couriers. This program is designed to reward riders for their loyalty and performance, offering additional income streams on top of regular delivery earnings. This could be especially appealing to those who rely on bike courier work as a primary source of income, as it provides a way to maximize earnings while performing their regular delivery tasks. The use of e-bikes, like those provided by Whizz Inc., further amplifies the efficiency and earning potential of bike couriers in busy urban environments.

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