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How To Clean An Electric Bike?

By Konstantin Kaliuzhnyj

Table of contents:

How Often Should You Clean Your Electric Bike? What Do You Need to Wash an E-Bike? What Parts Shouldn’t be Cleaned with Water Cleaning Your E-Bike What To Do After You Have Finished Cleaning Electric Bike Conclusion< How do you properly clean an electric bike? Can you use a hose to clean an electric bike? What cleaning products are safe to use on electric bikes? How often should you clean your electric bike?

Today we're going to tell you how to make it nice and easy. It’s vitally important, so read to the end. Also, right now, we offer a $30 discount for the first month of subscription with promo code k30, so do not forget to mention it.

Ok, let’s get to the point. Your entire bike should be in great condition. A cranky bike will never give a quality ride. You need to use specific cleaners for removing dirt. Today we’ll tell you what to avoid and how to clean an electric bike properly.

How Often Should You Clean Your Electric Bike?

If you don’t want to have a squeaky and rusty bike, it’s really great to wash it regularly, then it will last much longer. Even though the main component in a bike is the battery, you also need to take care of the other components because many of them rotate and need to be cleaned and lubricated. It helps keep your bike in excellent condition. Today we will tell you important things about how to wash an electric bike.

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What Do You Need to Wash an E-Bike?

First of all, you need gloves, because all the details on the bottom of your bike are dirty and greasy.
Perhaps you need material to lay on the floor and protect the area around. Nowadays, there are so many excellent tools for cleaning.

We recommend chain lubricants to improve shifting and give you a smooth ride. For chains, you also need a degreaser. You will also need a bucket with soapy water and a sponge, rinse water, and a series of brushes.

E-bike is getting dirty pretty fast, so a better way is to use specific tools from bike shops. It works properly with bike details, so they are definitely worth buying. These tools are enough to make your bike clean and ready to ride. Water hose is another great thing, but you should use it carefully, and in the next chapter, we will explain how.

What Parts Shouldn’t be Cleaned with Water

It’s not hard to keep it clean, but carefully wash details like a cassette, hubs, fork, etc. These details rotate, and their role is significant. All you need to do is clean it gently and avoid extra water pressure.

Bike details might be pricey, therefore, it is better to take care of them so that they last longer and you spend less money during exploitation. It’s definitely going to save you money in the long run. This tip also applies to regular bikes, so keep your bike well. Even though most details are waterproof, do not submerge your bike into the water. So preventing water is always good when you want to know how to clean an e-bike.

Cleaning Your E-Bike

Electric bikes have different components and a special way to clean them. It's not as easy as it might seem. The typical washing mistake is you can't use a dish or car cleaners because they will rust and be bad for the brakes. You need specific cleaners for electric bicycles, it’s essential because e-bike should not only serve you for a long time but also be in good condition for resale. Regular maintenance is highly recommended, and the basic cleaning tools you need are dry cloths, dry lubes, and wet lubes as well.

There are three steps just before you start, and don’t forget to turn off your bike:

  1. Prewash
  2. Cleaning
  3. Lubrication
  4. Drying

It’s worth doing a deep cleaning, then your chain, hub, and other components will last longer. It’s great when your bike looks spotless. For deeper cleaning, remove the front and rear wheel because there is a lot of dirt between the parts. Then you can use power washing, it’s super easy, but you can't leave the bike just like that. Next step, you need a wet cloth to dry it off. Your bike should be thoroughly dry. It applies to all important parts.

When handling the bike cassette or chain, wear gloves because there is a lot of grease even after power washing. You need to take special care of these components, and there are special cleaning solutions. We recommend having a special chain cleaner and soft brush because they have been specifically designed to thoroughly clean these mechanisms and guarantee extra care. There are many cleaning kits in bike shops.

After all parts are dry, apply lubricant on the chain and remember that even a small amount of lubricant is enough, and if you apply too much, it will attract more dust and glare from the road and eventually cause the parts to work worse and eventually fail.

There are many really cool maintenance tips. To protect your frame use polishing spray, it's totally fine for the cleaning process. Then use clean towels.

All processes should be done gently. Good scrubbing is highly important and prevents many negative processes. The well-maintained bike will work much longer, and it’s recommended using high-quality tools for cleaning your e-bike, especially its moving parts. It will help ensure nice riding and long work of your e-bike.

What To Do After You Have Finished Cleaning Electric Bike

The last point is what to do after you have cleaned your bike. If you wash it, then wipe it up.
After all procedures are completely done, let your e-bike dry completely. Just give it time. If there are drops of water, use a dry rag. It’s so much better to use high-quality material like a microfibre towel.

Be careful when you dry your bike, just like when you wash it. It needs to be completely dry. If you’re interested in how to wash an e-bike, remember that good scrubbing is highly recommended. If you see that everything is OK, just leave your bike in a dry place.


E-bike need regular cleaning. Wet conditions, mud and dust make your e-bike dirty. Cleaning helps prevent bad consequences. Luckily, there are many solutions to keep your bike clean and take care of its details. If you work in delivery, we highly recommend getting a Whizz subscription. For now, you can get 30$ by using the promo code k30. Don’t forget to mention it.

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How do you properly clean an electric bike?

To properly clean an electric bike, start by removing any detachable electronic components, such as the battery and display, if possible. Use a damp cloth and mild soap to wipe down the frame, avoiding direct water spray on electrical parts to prevent damage. Clean the chain and gears with a degreaser and use a soft brush for hard-to-reach areas. Rinse lightly with a low-pressure water spray, ensuring water does not penetrate the electrical systems. Dry the bike thoroughly after washing.

Can you use a hose to clean an electric bike?

It is not recommended to use a high-pressure hose to clean an electric bike as it can force water into electrical components, potentially causing damage. If you must use a hose, ensure it is on a gentle setting and keep the nozzle at least a few feet away from the bike. Focus on non-electrical parts and avoid directly spraying bearings, the motor, or the battery compartment.

What cleaning products are safe to use on electric bikes?

Use mild, biodegradable soap or specific bike cleaning products that are safe for all bike materials, including metals, plastics, and rubber. Avoid using harsh chemicals, solvents, or high-pressure steam cleaners, as these can damage the bike's finish, degrade materials, and infiltrate the electrical system. For the drivetrain, use a degreaser designed for bike chains and gears.

How often should you clean your electric bike?

The frequency of cleaning your electric bike depends on how often and in what conditions you ride. If you regularly ride in muddy, dusty, or wet conditions, you should clean your bike more frequently. As a general rule, a thorough cleaning every month is recommended for regular riders, with spot cleaning and drivetrain maintenance as needed after rides in adverse conditions.

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