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Dirwin vs. Whizz: Which One Has a Better Delivery Bike

By Anastasiia Chub

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Dirwin vs Whizz Pricing And Plans Bike Selection Booking And Reservation Process Locations And Visibility User Experiences And Reviews Conclusion FAQs

When working as a delivery rider, choosing the proper e-bike that will provide you with not just the most comfortable ride possible but great value for money is life-changing.

As the demand for eco-friendly and efficient means of transportation rises, so does the number of companies offering their e-bikes to prospective delivery riders.

Platforms such as Whizz and Dirwin have become the frontrunners in the industry, but how do they compare?

Deciding on Dirwin vs Whizz can be a challenging task, but this comprehensive guide is here to help you sort everything out.

From available products to customer reviews, everything is important when deciding on a bike that will have the highest efficiency for you.

Dirwin vs Whizz

Whizz Bikes

Whizz E-bikes focuses on selling and renting e-bikes for delivery riders.

They utilize modern technology and practicality when designing their bikes, which can help people get where they need to go in the shortest amount of time possible.

This makes them an excellent choice for delivery gigs.

Whizz has programs that can help you not only buy but also rent an e-bike for a rather affordable subscription fee.

This helps riders get a quicker start in the delivery profession, especially if they cannot afford to make a full purchase.

Whizz's mission is to make it as easy as possible for riders to get on the road and start earning money, thanks to its product's accessibility and ease of use.

The company also allows you to make a test ride before renting, so you can be certain the bike you're looking at is a great choice for you.

Dirwin Bikes

The founders of Dirwin had a mission to make e-bikes that could handle any terrain.

Their aim was to inspect the previous experiences of e-bike rides and, with the help of master craftsmen, fix the mistakes made by other manufacturers to create a product of the highest quality.

They want to unite all bike enthusiasts and make a product everyone will enjoy.

While they don't allow renting, they produce e-bikes of all price ranges, hoping that everyone will find an e-bike they can afford.

Their products are an impressive combination of ride stability and climbing ability, helping professional riders get the most enjoyable experience.

Pricing And Plans

Whizz Bikes

Whizz offers a subscription model for delivery riders looking to rent bikes, starting at $109 per month with promo code SUPER.

This allows riders to rent a bike without the need to return it every few hours.

The subscription includes free maintenance and repairs, and Whizz takes it upon itself to provide riders with a charger, a basket, and a safety lock.

Whizz offers some optional services, as well. This includes a Protection Plan for $29 per month, which covers a portion of the costs in case of serious mechanical failures or theft.

They also have a Riders plan at $249 a month, a premium plan which includes renting of an e-bike, a Protection Plan, and all the important essentials for delivery riders, such as a backpack, gloves, helmet, and a chain lock. This gives riders a monthly saving of $101.

If you're looking to buy a bike, they are offering products starting at $590 with promo code REF200, which helps you make an investment in your forever bike. They have rent-to-own options starting at a downpayment of $99 and a $129 per month rate.

Riders can also earn up to $100 per referred client, helping them buy the next bike at a cheaper price or simply increasing their income.

Dirwin Bikes

As of July 2024, Dirwin Bikes doesn't seem to offer rental or subscription options, focusing on sales only.

The cost of Dirwin e-bikes starts at $1,399, and you can get a $500 discount on certain deals.

When you purchase a Dirwin e-bike, you'll get some additional items, such as:

  • Battery and charger
  • Multi-purpose assembly tool
  • Dirwin baseball cap

Their bikes also come with a 24-month warranty.

Bike Selection

Whizz Bikes

Whizz has three e-bike models aimed precisely for delivery riders:

  • The Storm, a perfect beginner’s bike for all delivery riders. It has all the delivery essentials, a range of up to 60 miles per charge with pedal assist, and a capacity of 300 lbs. It is fully certified, allowing riders to complete their shifts on a vehicle of top quality.
  • The Storm 2, a fully certified e-bike designed for long-distance travel at a low operating cost. It has a range of up to 85 miles per charge with pedal assist, a payload capacity of 300 lbs, a hydraulic brake system, and a quick charger. It reaches a top speed of 25 mph, allowing you to complete regular routes much faster.
  • The Used model, a UL-certified lightweight e-bike with a range of up to 50 miles per charge with pedal assist, a 48V, 16Ah lithium-ion battery, a 500W brushless gear motor, and a capacity of 300 lbs. Refurbished bikes are checked and restored and are often given at just 50% of the original price.

Dirwin Bikes

Dirwin offers several types of e-bikes, including:

  • Fat Tire e-bikes are designed for adventurous riders ready to tackle all terrain rides, mountain biking, gravel, and snow. They come with numerous additional features, such as LED lights, intuitive control panels, and several riding modes.
  • Electric commuter bikes, which allow you to travel via bike lanes and stay green,. They are great as regular commuting bikes and come with USB-C charging ports.
  • Electric Cargo Bike, a model that helps you go on a cruise and take all your cargo with you.
  • Folding e-bikes are perfect for people in small apartments or riders who plan on leaving their bikes in a car trunk or office cubicle.

Booking And Reservation Process

Whizz Bikes

Whizz has a pretty straightforward registration and purchase process:

  • Reserve the e-bike of your liking on the Whizz app or their website.
  • Follow the subscription instructions.
  • Come to their office for a test drive or to pick up your e-bike.
  • Start earning at your new food delivery service job.

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Dirwin Bikes

As Dirwin Bikes offers only bikes for sale and not for rent, you don't have to have an account or subscribe for their services.

All you need to do is pick the e-bike of your liking, add it to the cart, and then fill in all the delivery data, just like you would do with most other online purchases.

Locations And Visibility

Whizz Bikes

Whizz offers test rides and e-bike pickup at their Manhattan and Brooklyn locations. All of their stores are strategically placed to be accessible for delivery riders.

Dirwin Bikes

Dirwin Bikes' warehouse is located in California, but they don't allow at-site pickups. Instead, they offer free shipping to the US, with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii.

User Experiences And Reviews

Whizz Bikes

Over the years, Whizz Bike has received plenty of positive feedback from delivery riders.

They state how comfortable it is to get to customers' places and how easy it is to use their bikes.

Positive feedback about Whizz:

  • They are good for faster routes, small alleys, and regular bike lanes alike.
  • Their e-bikes are extremely comfortable.
  • Delivery riders have reported being able to ride 60 to 80 miles per single charge.
  • Great customer service.
  • Many bike Dashers and Grubhub riders have reported how they have higher ratings due to being able to deliver more orders during the day (compared with other e-bike manufacturers).

Negative feedback about Whizz:

  • Some cylinders had bad installations, but nothing isn't fixable.
  • Certain used bikes had minor dents and scratches.

Dirwin Bikes

Dirwin's e-bikes have also gotten plenty of positive reviews, mostly about their comfort and wide variety of models.

Positive feedback about Dirwin:

  • They allow you to travel smoothly, even on faster routes on bad terrain.
  • Their cargo bike is a great way to travel with plenty of luggage.
  • Great for commuters.
  • You can reach their customer support via both email and phone number, which are easily accessible on their website.
  • Their bikes are an impressive combination of comfort and safety.

Negative feedback about Dirwin:

  • They are more suited for e-bike travelers and commuters than delivery riders.
  • Most of their bikes don't have good top speeds.
  • Their range could be better.


Everyone's initial reaction is that it's challenging to decide on Dirwin vs. Whizz. Both offer bikes made by master craftsmen, with a focus on comfort, affordable prices, and safety.

However, the two manufacturers produce e-bikes with different purposes, and Dirwin is more suited for challenging terrain rides and commuting.

Of course, everyone should make a decision based on their own needs and preferences.

If you're looking for a good e-bike for delivery riders, Whizz has a great advantage.

Not only are their bikes designed with delivery workers in mind, but they also offer rental options, making them a great choice for aspiring bike dashers and other riders in the food delivery industry.

For a hassle-free experience, great rent-to-own options, and exclusive offers, you can get a Whizz subscription today.

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What distinguishes Whizz from Dirwin in their offerings?

When looking at their offers, the initial reaction is that Dirwin offers a wider variety of e-bikes, while Whizz sticks to a few tested models. However, Dirwin's models don't seem to be catered toward delivery riders, while Whizz offers exclusively e-bikes designed for people working in the food delivery industry.

Is Whizz or Dirwin better for delivery riders?

According to numerous customer reviews, Whizz seems to be one of the best options for delivery riders. This doesn't mean that there is something wrong with Dirwin. Their bikes are simply designed for different purposes.

Which is a more budget-friendly option?

While both brands are fairly affordable, Whizz offers monthly payments that can allow you to take your e-bike home today and pay most of the price later. This helps riders on a budget start their business right away.

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