Earn up to
$240 per
referred client


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Whizz Affiliate Program is

• More than 1000 bikes on the NYC streets
• The cheapest delivery e-bike rental on the market
• On-demand maintenance and repairs
• Batteries certified according to the latest UL Standards
• A top-notch service helping you earn more not only on deliveries

How does the program work?

Join the chat

Get your personal promo code and referral link

Personal Promo Code

Share your unique code to give friends a $40 discount on their first payment

Track Your Results

Easily monitor your earnings, customer acquisitions, and payments on our dashboard

Earn up to 30% Cash

Earn between $44 and $240 for each referral within a year

Fast and Flexible Payments

We transfer earnings via Zelle every two weeks. Just $100 minimum for payment requests.

Join us now and start earning!

Any questions? Drop a message in the chat. We're here to support you.

What's the earning potential?

30% cash reward for every new customer who uses your promo code, for up to 1 month of their usage on Whizz ≈ $66

10% cash reward on all payments made by referrals over the next 11 months ≈ $120

You get $44-240 for each customer

Let's look at some examples

If you refer 30 customers, you could earn about $1,854 in that month alone. Continuing to refer 30 customers per month, you could earn about $5,562 within just 3 months and approximately $11,653 over the course of a year even if you’ll stop the promotion.

And that's not all! As part of our community, you'll also have exclusive access to special offers designed to help you maximize your earnings

Who can become Whizz's affiliate?

You yourself!

If you have friends who want to rent a bike, you can earn money and give them an exclusive discount

Influencers and social media group owners

Monetize your audience by offering a great service

SEO specialists, webmasters

We can discuss individual terms once certain performance metrics are achieved

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