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How does the program work?

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Share your unique code so friends can get $30 off their first payment

Track your results

Easily monitor your earnings, customer acquisitions, and payments on our dashboard

Earn $100 per each referral

Transferimos las ganancias a través de PayPal cada dos semanas. Sólo $100 como mínimo para las solicitudes de pago.

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Program Levels and Bonuses:

Level 1 - Rider

You're simply a regular awesome rider rolling with us

$30 discount code for your crew's first ride

$100 in cash for every successful referral

Level 2 - Maverick

You level up to a Maverick after bringing in your first referral

Free chain lock

Level 3 - Prodigy

When you've rocked 5 referrals, you become a Prodigy

Additional $100 for every 5 riders you bring in

Level 4 - Superstar

Once you've brought in 15 new pals, you become a Superstar

Permanent 15% discount on all Whizz products and services

Custom links and promo codes

Level 5 - Champion

When you're the guru of referrals with 50+ recruits

A brand new Storm e-bike

Each new level incorporates the bonuses from the prior ones

Who can make money with Whizz?

Whizz clients

If you have ever purchased any products or subscribed to any services, simply check your personal promo code in your account

Influencers and social media group owners

Monetize your audience by offering a great service

SEO specialists, webmasters

We can discuss individual terms once certain performance metrics are achieved. If you'd rather not rent a bike but still want to earn with us, feel free to reach out at

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