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What size electric bike do I need?

What size electric bike do I need?

Konstantin Kaliuzhnyj
Never choose a bike size just from photos because it may not be the same as the photos in reality. Bike sizes are sketchy, and it is quite different from buying a hoodie or sneakers. But it is also not difficult if you pay attention to classy tips, and our article will help you to choose the right bike size for the most comfortable position and efficient riding. Before we start, we want to remind you that promo code k30 gives you a $30 discount for the first subscription month. It’s excellent and worth trying. So let’s get to the buying guides.

Why does the proper electric bike size matter?

Almost every element of a bicycle can be changed or adjusted, unlike the frame, so it determines the size of the bike and should be taken as seriously as possible.

Frame size affects:

  • Transfer of force when pedaling the bicycle. The leg should be almost straight when the pedal is at its lowest point.
  • Safety. There should be room above the frame's top tube when standing with an entire foot on the ground. If you fall off your bicycle in an emergency, your crotch must not hit the frame.
  • Back Position. Your back should be straight, and you should not reach for the handlebar.
The maneuverability of the bicycle. The larger the frame, the less maneuverable the bike.

Disadvantages of Picking the Incorrectly-Sized Electric Bike

At a minimum, this can lead to discomfort and, at a maximum, to the strain on the back and joints. There is a belief that the right bike is when your feet can reach the pedals, but in fact, there are many more factors, and, for example, women's frames differ from men's frames because of physical characteristics. 

Your bike should fit you perfectly no matter if you are going to buy mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, etc. These days frame sizing can differ from brand to brand, so you need to choose a frame as seriously as possible, and only one way may not be enough. 

Thankfully, when people want to know what size electric bike they need, sizing charts for electric bikes are the same as regular bikes. Again you need to take it seriously to avoid such negative factors like:

  • loss of energy
  • excessive stress on the joints of the legs
  • back pain
  • and so on

So let’s get to the point of measuring your body correctly and choosing the right bike. You can basically follow them, choose the right frame and never have problems in the future.

How do I take my body measurements?

E-bike manufacturers publish the official size chart, and it’s pretty important to know when you are interested in what size of an e-bike you need. There are actually few methods to measure your body.

  • By height

The choice will not be 100% correct because it does not take into account the length of the arms, legs and torso proportions. But it will do for an initial understanding of your size.

  • By leg length

This method is more accurate because it takes into account the parameters of a particular person.

How do You know when the size is wrong?

If you have taken these points into account, you can also use additional classic ways to pick up a bike:

  • Your back should be straight, and you don't have to reach for the handlebars too hard

  • If standing on your feet, there is a distance above the frame and to your crotch

  • The foot touches the pedals in a half-bent position without too much effort

If something looks suspicious, then it’s probably not your bike. Again, note that height ranges are approximate, so it’s also pretty good to listen to your body. Never buy a bike without a test drive, it’s absolutely crucial and will give you confidence.


You should avoid any injuries. The right size allows riders to ride incredibly smoothly. As we said, it’s impossible just to skip this process because it might cause problems like excessive fatigue, back pain, etc. Electric bicycles come with sizing guides, but every rider should have to make an effort to avoid the wrong size. 

You’re more than welcome to visit Whizz e-bike rental to test our bikes or ask for any advice. By the way, promo code k30 will allow you to get a $30 discount. We really do believe that our brand is really great and lets our clients make long-range trips, which is essential, especially for delivery workers. 

Traditional bikes aren’t so versatile, therefore, we’re happy to expand the e-bike trend, which is excellent, eco-friendly, and profitable. Our e-bikes come with U-lock, phone mount and bag. It will help you to perform better and make more deliveries. And they aren’t super expensive. 

So no matter if you're looking for commuter bikes or delivery bikes, just visit us in Manhattan, and we’ll help you out. It will allow you to get a pleasant riding experience, that’s for sure. Also, the subscription includes exciting things like free repair, which is absolutely fantastic. 

Whizz is an electric hybrid bike, which is the most versatile, and obviously, it’s a great choice. You can not only rent but also buy an e-bike. There are different frame designs, battery capacity and other configurations, so we will find you the most suitable bike. With a bike, you can hit longer distances. Please do us a favor and recommend our bike to your friends. 

Be safe, and see you next time!
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