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What is Pedal Assist on an Electric Bike

What is Pedal Assist on an Electric Bike

Konstantin Kaliuzhnyj
Pedal assist provides a smooth and responsible experience. You really don’t need to work hard to get a lot out of the bike. Before we start, make sure to know that promo code k30 gives you a $30 discount. Our bikes are fantastic for the ride, whether it is commuting or working in delivery. Quite frankly, they are great, and today we will explain what an electric bike with pedal assist is.

Benefits of pedal assist

It’s a pretty simple system. The power is delivered to the pedals from the motor while the rider is pedaling. It’s as simple as possible. Therefore these particular bikes are pretty popular. It’s a pretty enough amount of assistance to tackle steep hills without too much effort. The pedal-assisted e-bike is so much easier to use. You don’t have to use a lot of effort, unlike traditional bicycles. 

When people get familiar with pedal-assist systems, they immediately start to love this concept. Pedal assist gives you a steady stream of power, and it’s enough for most cases. So the pedal assists pushing you gently, unlike throttle modes. So that’s the point. When a rider starts pedaling, it gives a nice feeling of an extra boost. What pedal assist means on an electric bike is certainly great.

Speed Sensors versus Torque Sensors

We will try to simplify it as much as possible. To be honest, the motor type doesn’t affect which kind of pedal assist your bike will have. These two types have pros and cons, but the torque sensor is the most innovative because it gives the bicycle the most accurate speed depending on the pedal force, which makes the ride as comfortable as possible. Torque sensors are super responsive, and they represent the last-gen of sensors.


We hope we clarified how a pedal assisted electric bike works. You’re welcome to visit our Manhattan location to get a test drive of Whizz e-bikes. If you like electric bikes, you will love our amazing brand for any type of rider. It’s undoubtedly a great idea if you work in delivery because you can ride a lot on one charge. There are two types of bikes with standard and extra battery. Our motors will let you enjoy your ride and make more deliveries. In most cases, Whizz bikes are better than traditional bikes. 

You will go faster than you expect, and an e-bike is an excellent combination of high-quality details and the price. Again you can use a promo code k30 to get $30 off. It’s just a good thing to know. If you want to know more about what a pedal assist electric bike is, stick around with our blog, and we’ll help you out. We have a huge experience with standard and mountain bikes, so stick around if you are curious.
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