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What is a hybrid electric bike

What is a hybrid electric bike

Konstantin Kaliuzhnyj
A hybrid bike is probably the most versatile and cost-effective. They are pretty well for off-road riding and city riding, and it’s pretty significant. It seems enough for many people, therefore, this bike is trendy regardless of the edge. These bikes were built for cruising and touring as well, sounds good, doesn't it? Nowadays, manufacturers put in a lot of quality, and today we discuss what to expect if you want to buy a hybrid bike. It’s a great choice, but it makes sense to read what a hybrid electric bike is first. Just a quick note, currently, you can get a $30 discount for the first subscription at Whizz. Just mention a promo code k30. So, let’s get to the point: what is a hybrid electric bike?

Benefits of hybrid electric bikes

It’s the most practical bike you can imagine. This bike is divided into two types: hard tail and front suspension. This type of bike is great both for city or gravel roads, for commuting or cargo purposes, and much more. Of course, you need a bike that will be a perfect match for you, but ultimately you aren’t going to regret it. If you decide to pay attention to this type of bike, then consider hybrid e-bikes. This type of bike has been designed to combine road bikes and city bikes for multiple purposes. It’s a great choice regardless of age, surface, etc. Therefore this type of e-bike is one of the most top-rated on the market. Models come with different designs of frame, tires, and speed, but overall the idea is the same: comfortable seating position, aerodynamic, quick, stable. Another reason why these bikes are so efficient and popular is the affordable price. 

Great for city cycling, fitness training, county riding

What is an electric assistance

Electric assist gives your e-bike an extra boost. There are three ways: throttle, pedal assist, or both. Electric assistance is great and provides more enjoyable riding than ever. Pedal assist is amazing to go uphill, especially in steep areas. With pedal assist you can go uphill like riding on a flatland, which is extremely cool and won't make you sweat. Throttle is even less effortless than pedal assist, it takes just to activate throttle, and it kicks off. The throttle isn’t great for a longer range because it drains the battery a lot.

How to select hybrid electric bike

Actually, a hybrid bike it's a pretty vague concept because some models look like mountain bikes and some like road bikes. The same is true when we try to figure out what a hybrid e bike is. From our perspective, that’s OK. We generally recommend testing hybrid e-bike first. The basic idea of this bike is that you should feel maximum comfortable. Hybrid electric bikes are great for commuting, delivery, fitness, city riding, etc. For sure, technically, you can ride any style you want. Just be careful, and that’s it. When people ask what an electric hybrid bike, it’s more about self-comfort plus specific purposes. The key idea is that most people don't necessarily need an electric road bike or electric mountain bike because a hybrid e-bike is classy. Some other details you should consider are battery capacity, braking systems, frame styles, wheel hub, battery systems, motor systems, and so on. What is an electric hybrid bike now? Cool, let’s get to the final.


Yep, we hope this article helps you out. Personally, the author is a great fan of electric hybrids. Use his personal promo code k30 to turn on a $30 discount. Whizz bikes are typical hybrid bikes with all the benefits we mentioned before. Since the question of what hybrid electric bike is clear, we advise you to check out Whizz e-bike rental. We offer a classy front suspension e-bike with an additional U-lock, phone mount, and backpack. If the standard battery isn’t enough, you can get an extra battery for longer rides. Whizz bikes are amazing when you need an urban commuter or delivery bike. It isn’t massive, solid one charge, smooth riding, comfortable seating, power assistance, good quality. You will love the way it works!

Our electric bikes are ready for your test drive in the Manhattan location. For an additional $29 you can store your bike overnight. It’s super nice that all repairs are done, and you don’t need to fix anything on your own. Just bring it to our office and our staff will fix any problem in less than 30 minutes.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Whizz office, and we’ll introduce you to our bikes if you want to dive a little bit deeper into the world of e-bikes, which is interesting.

Have fun!
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