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No deposits. No distance limits. If it breaks, we will fix
it for free within 30 minutes
or exchange the e-bike


How it works?

Pay and be on the way to earn more money
Register and subscribe
Come in and pick up the bike
It's automatic. No need to come to our office
Reserve an e-bike now
For all new customers
Use this promo code to get $20 off for the first month of 3 months rental, 1st month will cost $129, and the price for the 2nd and 3rd months will be $149. If you intend to rent only for one month, then the cost of the first month will be $159
You get a free basket with a subscription upon request. *While supplies last .

Our e-bikes are designed to make delivery easy

You get a free basket with a subscription upon request. *While supplies last .
The battery has USB charging and can charge your phone while you are riding
Maintenance is included
in the subscription
You get an insulated backpack for free with a subscription upon request. *While supplies last .
Free U-lock
in the subscription
High-speed transport at 20 mph
Comfortable saddle position for extra comfort
Reasonable weight makes it easier to move an e-bike
The battery will last for 55+ miles
E-bike Breeze
*When renting for 3 months. Plus tax
Pay monthly*:

The first month is $129 with a promo code, then $149 per month with a minimum stay of 3 months
The first month is $159 with a promo code, then $179 per month with a minimum stay of 1 month

At the end of the minimum rental period, you can keep running on a monthly basis for the same price or cancel your subscription by returning the bike.

*Plus tax
from $129*/mo.
Theft Proof
Battery life
8 hours
55 miles
Bike Weight
62 lbs
Charging time
5 hours
Hub Motor
750W Peak
Samsung Battery
Theft Proof
Theft Proof
Free accessories to every subscription
Additionally, when renting, you get:
Made out of heavy duty polyester and featuring a genuine YKK zipper, you can rely on our backpack in any situation.
Great backpack Whizz
Sunlite's Rack Top Wire Basket attaches to your rear rack and sports sturdy steel construction
Roomy basket
Pitbull series U-locks provide superior security in medium to high crime areas
Reliable U-lock
Universal bicycle holder for smartphones
Phone holder
Total Payload Capacity:
Sustained 500W brushless gear motor
48V / 18A
48V 16Ah Lithium-ion battery with Samsung/LG cellsHub
3.0 Amp smart and quick charger
62 Ibs
300 Ibs
LCD backlight display
5 hours
Charging time:
8 hours
Battery life:
Range: 110+
2 Batteries: 48V 16Ah Lithium-ion battery with Samsung/LG cellsHub
Motor: Sustained 500W brushless gear motor
Total Payload Capacity: 300 Ibs
Charger: 3.0 Amp smart and quick charger
Controller: 48V / 18A
Display: LCD backlight display
Weight: 69 Ibs
Have а peace of mind with regards to your rental.
Covers 50% of serious mechanical failures and pay only $400 in case of theft or loss of the e-bike.. Visit our e-bike subscription agreement page for more info.

*Intentional damages or rider's negligence are not covered
Free maintenance with our monthly subscription. Following wear and tear repairs are included in the price.

- Flat tires changes
- Brake adjustments
- Gear adjustments

-Inner Tubes
-Brake Pads
In case of theft or damage, you will pay only 50% of the cost of damage
Protection plan
Easy to contact us and schedule a repair
Free e-bike repairs due to wear and tear right in our office
Get your bike repaired in 30 minutes or swapped out in case of breakdowns
Your ride is safe
Bracket made of hot steel
5 Keys For Laser Cutting included
Free with a Whizz subscription
Super durable locking system
U-lock in subscription
Our bikes come with vibrationally triggered alarm system which will help to protect your bike from being stolen
Anti-theft bike alarm system
Feel safe
A protective plan for just $29
Discover e-ride with Whizz e-bike subscription. Enjoy the ride, we’ll handle the rest
Are you looking for a personal transportation?
Overnight storage
For just $29 a month, you can leave your e-bike for overnight storage
Spots available in our office and at our partners Liberty Cycles for just $29 per month
29E 10th St New York, NY 10003
6 minutes away from Union Square subway station
Liberty Cycles
846 9th Ave New York, NY 10019
Located on 9th Ave between 55th & 56th St
Limited Offer, Only 10 spots available at each location.
E-bike battery charging is included at no extra cost.
Leave your bike overnight, drop it off 30 mins before the shop closes and pick it up within 30 mins after the shop opens.

Is $129 a month expensive?

We've already calculated everything
It’s as cheap as buying a burger from
just $4
$129/ month
$4/ day
$32/ week

The advantages of the Whizz subscription

For comparison
Distance limits
Other services
other e-bike
80-150 miles/week
No limits
No limits
A breakdown can happen at any time, bike part repair or replacement cost can be minimum $80.

Forget about these experiences, repairs are included in the Whizz subscription
Waiting period of 2 to 3 days and you get billed
From $80
30 min fix or we will exchange the bike
Other services
other e-bike
Upkeep cost
$200 first month + $150 (deposit)
Other services
other e-bike
Upfront payment
$129 first month
Protection Plan
from $52/mo
  • Free U-lock
  • Protection Plan $29/mo
Theft Protection
Other services
other e-bike
According to statistics from repair companies, electric bike owners spend about $372 on repairs and maintenance every six months.

With our subscription, you will save money because repairs and maintenance are included in the Whizz subscription
Other services
other e-bike
From $7
Cost per day including maintenance
Other services
other e-bike
Need to notify a week
in advance
Easy subscription cancellation
Loss of half
of the resale value
End of career

How to find us

29 E 10th St, New York

Test Ride

You can test ride the Whizz E-bike for free at our Manhattan location

Feedback from our clients

Amazing Amazing service very clean affordable great customer service and support I highly recommend and for the price on a monthly rental you definitely can't beat it thank you guys a million btw this is William Vasquez
smitty brim
What more can I say about whizz this the most affordable and awesome bike rental customer service is amazing I would highly recommend this service for anybody thank you for the service
Good service and they have someone who speaks Spanish. They always answered my questions that I have had about the bicycle and its services. They are new but show a lot of power
Free maintenance with our monthly subscription
Following wear and tear repairs are included in the price
Inner Tubes
Brake Pads
Flat tires changes
Brake adjustments
Gear adjustments

Frequently Asked Questions

How Whizz subscription works?
You subscribe on the website by following our instructions. After that, our manager contacts you to coordinate the details of the transfer of a bicycle. The subscription begins to take effect from the moment you receive your bicycle. You use it until you get tired of it. If you no longer need a bike, you can cancel your subscription, and drop off your bicycle at our location.
Who can rent?
An e-bike rental subscription can be issued to a person with a government issued ID which is valid for next three month and the person is 18 years old and over.
What is included in the subscription?
The subscription includes an electric bike, a charger and a safety lock. A bicycle basket and a delivery bag are provided for free upon availability. 
We also have a protection plan and overnight storage service.
Am I getting a new e-bike?
By subscribing, you will receive a new e-bike or which is in like new condition.
How to use an e-bike?
The terms of use can be found by following the link. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with NYC bicycle rules by following the link
More questions
Should I leave my e-bike at specially designated stations?
No, there's no need for that. This is your e-bike, and you can leave it anywhere, taking care of the necessary safety measures and making sure that it does not interfere with the movement of pedestrians and motorists. Meanwhile, we recommend parking the ebike on bike stands and be sure to use the lock, which is included in the subscription price. For safety reasons, do not leave the e-bike unattended for a long time, especially at night. You can also use the overnight storage service.
What should I do if an e-bike is stolen?
We strongly ask you to treat the e-bike as your own and take all necessary safety measures. In case of theft, we charge you the cost indicated in the transfer certificate and recommend that you contact the police. We also have a transport protection plan service.
I have run out of subscription, how fast should I return the e-bike?
After the subscription expires, you must return the e-bike within 48 hours. To do this, we will contact you to agree on the date and time of the return. After 48 hours, if you do not return the e-bike, penalties will begin to accrue per day.
Can I return the e-bike earlier, before the subscription ends?
You can return the e-bike any day before the end of the subscription. However, the amount of unused days of the paid subscription is not refunded.
How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription by yourself in your account. You can cancel your subscription any day before it ends. At the same time, the e-bike can be used until the end of the paid period, regardless of the date of cancellation of the subscription.
What is the procedure for returning an e-bike?
Upon termination of the subscription period, our customer service will contact you to agree on the date and time of the return of the ebike. An employee of our service team will assess the condition of the bicycle, will take photos or videos and enter the necessary information on the return certificate.
My e-bike broke down, what should I do?
In case of mechanical issues with the e-bike, immediately stop using it and contact us to agree on the date and time of its replacement with a new one.
Am I charged fines in case of e-bike breakdown?
We take full care of the maintenance and all mechanical related issues with the e-bike, when used properly and when no negligent use was noticed. Mechanical issues in the result of improper and careless use of the bicycle should be paid in proportion to the damage caused at the user's expense. Normal wear and tear is included in covered maintenance. You can find out more about the amount of fines in the service agreement. We also have a transport protection plan service.
If the e-bike is damaged/broken, how do you determine if it is it the user's fault?
A mechanical examination is done by our bicycle mechanical team to determine the condition of the bicycle. More details on this issue can be found in the service agreement.
Where do you provide service?
We provide services in New York City.
How can I pay?
You can pay for a subscription using a credit or debit card and adding it to your account. The link to the payment will be available after registration on the website.
Can I use your subscription for business purposes?
We have a special program for business use. You can find all terms and conditions here.
What is included in the subscription service
Free maintenance with our monthly subscription. Following wear and tear repairs are included in the price.

- Flat tires changes
- Brake adjustments
- Gear adjustments

-Inner Tubes
-Brake Pads
of renting e-bike
There is no distance limit
Why is it better than a car?
The lowest price on the market
No need to pay a large amount at once
No need to pay for repairs and maintenance
You can return the bike if you no longer need it
You can ride as much as on your own e-bike
Suitable for personal use and for work
Can be used instead of taking the subway or bus
Forget about the traffic and gas prices
There is always a free parking space
E-bike is an eco-friendly transport
Repairs are included in the subscription
The subscription includes an expensive and very durable lock
We offer the lowest subscription
price on the market
Send us an email
New York, NY
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