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How to adjust brakes on an electric bike?

How to adjust brakes on an electric bike

Konstantin Kaliuzhnyj
Brake adjustment is very important, it shouldn’t be too loose or stiff, otherwise it might cause an accident. Keep that in mind and today we are going to break down all important aspects. Before we start make sure to know that you can get a $30 discount for the first subscription just mentioning the k30 promo code. Any repairs and adjustments are included, so go ahead and enjoy. Ok, let’s get to the point.

What is bicycle mechanical disc brake?

Mechanical disc brakes are very common, they aren’t bad, but let’s mention some disadvantages:

  • Backlashes from friction, because the cable is constantly moving
  • Cables can stretch from time to time about once a season
  • Requires careful maintenance and constant readjustment
  • Cables are slightly springy, so braking will not be as crisp as with disc hydraulics

It’s the most primitive and budget form of braking systems, but still works properly even in cold conditions and lasts a long time with a good attitude.

Hydraulic braking is more up-to-date and there are why:

  • Less braking force
  • More responsiveness
  • Sharper braking
  • Independent of weather conditions
  • Less wear and tear because unlike mechanical disc brakes, hydraulic disc brakes have less contact area, all work is done by the hydraulic line.
  • No backlash

At the same time, a hydraulic disc isn’t perfect and mechanical can work pretty well. Let’s get to it.

How do the mechanical disc brakes work?

The mechanical brakes work like a v-brake. The most important thing is a steel cable. When the brake is pressed, one of the pads moves and presses the disc against the other, stationary but adjustable pad. 

Adjusting brakes on an electric bike

Cable tension needs a regular adjustment and electric bicycles have the same disc braking system. How to tighten brakes on an electric bike is a very common question, because after a while any brakes get loosened. Read manual carefully before the process or give it to pros. How to adjust e-bike brakes is a question among common problems, so don’t stress out about it at all.


Your brakes should respond perfectly. You should diagnose and optimize your braking systems. There are many detailed tutorials on the internet on how to adjust brakes on electric bikes. We highly recommend supervising your brakes occasionally. 

Fortunately, it’s not tricky at all and otherwise you can bring your bike to the pros at bike shop service. Whizz bikes are definitely great, because any repair takes no more than 30 minutes and it’s free under the condition of subscription. 

We hope that how to adjust disc brakes on an electric bike is clear now, if not please welcome to our Manhattan office and we’ll help you out.