Sales Agreement and Care Plan Terms

Whizz Sales Agreement

Purchaser agrees to pay a monetary amount in exchange for a specified e-Bicycle.

Purchaser authorizes My Device Inc d/b/a Whizz to charge Purchaser’s provided financial institution for the purchase. Purchasers who are signing up for the Whizz Care Plan authorize on-going charges for this service.

Purchaser understands that there are absolutely no refunds or returns for the sale of the e-Bike and Supplemental Equipment, or for any other service provided by Whizz, not limited to the Whizz Care Plan and/or Excessive Damage repairs.

Purchaser agrees that they have received the e-Bicycle and Supplemental Equipment in its as is condition. Whizz makes no guarantee of the e-Bike for the fitness of any purpose.

Purchaser agrees that no defects or damages were found at the time of the sale.

Purchaser specifically releases and forever discharges Whizz, and relevant parties, from any and all liability, or claims for injury, illness, death or loss of or damage to property which Purchaser may suffer while using the e-Bike and participating in associated activities

Purchaser is aware that the e-Bike includes a manufacturer's 2-year all-inclusive warranty against all manufacturing defects. Purchaser understands that they must contact Whizz to check the bicycle, and if the investigation shows that it is a manufacturer's defect, the manufacturer will be responsible to redeem the warranty. (

Whizz Care Plan

E-Bike maintenance can become a costly nightmare! Not to fear! Whizz offers an e-Bike care subscription to help keep your new bicycle running smoothly. Our in-house mechanics are EXPERTS with our e-Bikes, and can have you back on the road in no time!

What is Covered: The cost of labor for the following assistance: Flat tires changes, Brake adjustments, and Gear adjustments

What is Not Covered: Abnormal wear and tear such as impacts, accidents, and excessive damage. The cost of parts are also not included.

What if I have Excessive Damage? Our mechanics will check your e-Bike for free. They will provide you with a report, and invoice, prior to any service. You may have to pay for parts and labor. You are not obligated to have your e-Bike serviced with us.

How to get Service: Call us at 646-581-1429 to make an appointment. You may have to leave your e-Bike with us until repairs are completed.

When the Coverage Ends and Begins: The care plan covers your e-Bike as long as you continue paying monthly. Failure to renew your payment automatically terminates your plan.

How to Cancel: Let us know at least 48 hours before your monthly due date. There will be absolutely no refunds if you fail to cancel.



Table 1. Damage Fees


Attempting to remove any branding names or labels or adding any other stickers / any cosmetic changes

$45 per sticker/change

Tampering / adjusting components besides seat or removing battery


Conducting mechanical work on the bicycle without a written consent from My Device Inc. (DBA: Whizz)


Any physical damage / loss of the battery charger


1st time Losing Battery Key


2nd time losing Battery Key


Damaging Battery Port by misuse


Any Damage to the battery or the loss of the battery


Any Damage to individual fender


Any misuse that causes damages to brake calipers / shifters (for individual front/back)


Broken, bent or snapped brake levers / shifters


Any bends, or damages to rear derailers


Any damages to lights (individual front or back)


Any water damage or cracks to display as well as any damages to the display buttons


Any bends or cracks along front wheel including rim / hub


Any bends or cracks on rear wheel


Any damages to the motor


Any damage from misuse to the controller


Any scratches or damages to the frame compromising its integrity (not including small cosmetic scratches)


Any bends to handlebars


Any damages to fork cracks, bends, or dents from misuse


Damaging cranks including bends or dents


Damages to pedals

$20 per pair

Adding, altering, damaging, swapping seat or seat post


Altering or damaging any electrical cables / components


Altering or damaging any shift / brake cables


Altering or damaging hydraulic brake cable


Damaging or breaking throttle


Damaging, altering or swapping kick stand


Damaging, losing or not returning U-Lock


Losing U-Lock Key 1st


Losing U- Lock Key 2nd time



Table 2. E-Bike Theft or Loss Fees

Intentional destruction or loss / theft of the bicycle (including the battery) $1,200 $1,200/ the protection plan only applies if the battery is returned
Intentional destruction or loss / theft of the bicycle (if the battery is returned to My Device Inc. in acceptable condition) $900 $400