E-bikes are handy, eco-friendly, affordable, and gradually the number of e-bikers is growing. For us, it’s more than business because we are concerned about the environment. For now, we provide a 30$ discount with a promo code k30. It works with any tariff for the first month of subscription. 

What is the point of an electric bike? We’ve got a vision that electric bikes are going to change the world. It’s happening in Europe, China and elsewhere. Today, we will break down the biggest benefits of why buying an electric bike is a good idea. 

Electric Bike will Help You Go Further, Faster, Longer

Why is choosing an electric bike a good idea? With an e-bike you can go further than you expect. Depending on the battery's capacity, the travel distance can reach 110+, and still, you can use it like a traditional bike, and if the battery dies, come back home using your own power. 

It’s much more comfortable to hit large hills with motor power. E-bikes provide assistance, and you can actually take an extra battery. At Whizz, we have e-bikes with an extra battery, and honestly, it’s great, especially if you’re a delivery man. It’s very easy to swap batteries, so take that into account.

An E-Bike will Improve Your Fitness

Technically, e-bikes work the same way as traditional bicycles, and it’s kind of interesting. Therefore it affects the body, heart rate, mindset, and that sort of stuff. It’s not challenging to ride a bike and get something that improves your shape. So if you have got a driving license, you shouldn’t forget about cycling at least a few times per month. 

The Health benefits of riding an E-bike are huge, from making your leg’s muscles more intense to improving your vision. Cycling is one of the cheapest ways to improve mental and physical shape. And unlike the gym, you can discover other locations. 

Cycling boosts energy and improves mood. You can lose weight without an extreme diet just by cycling. In fact, you will burn your calories much easier. 

Biking reduces heart diseases, and it’s pretty important because there is a lot of stress around us. Also, cycling positively affects blood pressure. Cycling helps you sleep better. That is 100% true.

Overall you can improve your muscles, flexibility, mood, heart rate, and blood pressure. Cycling is an excellent option for anyone because it’s affordable, not risky, and easy to start. It’s also great for coordination. 

You may have heard that cycling slows aging, and we totally agree with that. Some people say that cycling can be associated with lower cancer risk. 

Cycling is a great exercise and gives a lot of positive energy. Over the years, cycling makes life better and longer, so take that into account and include this activity in your daily routine, and then you’ll see a massive transformation in your body.

Electric Bike Can Help Save You Money

Gasoline prices go up, and it’s freaking out for car drivers, but not for e-cyclists. It’s another benefit why getting an electric bike is an excellent idea. You can save a lot of money on bicycle commuting. Nowadays transportation prices are growing no matter public transport, or personal cars. It’s very frustrating to see how much it costs to fill your vehicle. It’s much smarter to get an e-bike if you’re looking to save money, but who doesn't? 

There is not much additional equipment. You need a pump and some simple stuff you can buy even on bicycle sales. The price to keep your bike going is much lower than other types of transportation, so it’s definitely worth it. At least you can drive your car less and cycle more.

E-Bike are Nature-friendly

The benefits of cycling would not be complete without a statement that it’s super eco-friendly. It’s good for the environment and for Mother Nature. It's fantastic that you can reduce air pollution. If you do simple research on how the air is being polluted every year, it’s really frightening.

So jump on a bicycle and save the planet. It will pay off for the next generations. If we have more people on bikes, we truly believe we will make our world better. E-bikes might be a great solution. The more bikes on the road, the better the environment we have. So consider reducing car trips and getting on a bike.

E-Bikes are Quiet

Noise is a huge problem in the city, and it's one of the reasons why people get headaches. It’s another reason why choosing an electric bike is important. Power assisted e-bikes are absolutely silent, and it’s such a fantastic feeling. As a matter of fact, electric motors do not produce any noise. It’s much nicer for the city environment. For example, compare Tesla cars and normal cars and agree that the lack of noise is very cool, but of course, that doesn't negate the fact that some sports cars sound very impressive.

Electric Bikes are Easy to store

It’s easy to bring your bike home. Also, you can add overnight storage to your Whizz subscription just for $29 per month.

E-Bikes are Safer Than Regular Bikes

E-bike riders confirm that it's very safe. But you still might need a helmet, so be mindful of it. The reality is that e-bike will give you a feeling of total freedom. So if you are thinking about why I should buy an electric bike, do not hesitate.

Electric Bikes are Great for Commuting

Many people say they regret not getting to work by bike earlier. It’s another reason why an electric bike is very important. Motor vehicles make the trip much more comfortable, and you can forget about sweat. 

We do not underestimate regular bicycles, but they don’t work so smoothly. You can use throttle only or pedal assistance. Speed depends on the class of e-bike you have. There are three e-bike classes: class one, two, and three. If you need an e-bike for longer riding, you don’t necessarily need the most expensive battery. So longer trips are available even for budget bikes. Battery-powered bikes are super beneficial for commuting purposes, so check them out.


We have got a lot to discuss because we like e-bikes. But let’s wrap up this article about why getting an e-bike is an excellent idea - it's a cheap, healthy, and eco-friendly type of transportation. For those of you who want to start using Whizz, a 30$ discount is available with a promo code k30. If you're going to get around NYC on an e-bike, join us.

So we explained why getting an electric bike is a good idea. Enjoy your ride!