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Whether you’re considering electric bikes for commuting, relaxing, or making decent money this article is going to cover all. 

We’re going to share some tips on what to look for in an electric bike. Luckily, you are in the right place because this article is based on real experience.

Consider Your Needs

Everyone wants a bike with great performance. But so many people are confused as to which e-bike model they want to purchase. We want to explore more about typical models from which you will choose.

Road bike. It was created for fast riding and has the best aerodynamic characteristics because of its thin frame, tires, and its sporty cycling position. We sincerely hope you’ll check out some of these models because they are absolutely stunning and allow you to go faster than normal bikes. 

They aren’t necessarily expensive and you can find affordable ones but keep in mind that the road bike is not for everyone. The riding style is entirely different because of the handling and stretching position. 

So this is a top concern, but many people use road bikes every single day. Overall it’s very important to get a test drive if you haven’t tried one of these. Usually road bikes cost more but it’s worth it and there is also an option to buy a used one. So to wrap up, it’s the most expensive type but also the most dynamic for riding.

Hybrid bikes. Let’s continue to break down how to buy an e-bike. Hybrid bikes are pretty much suitable for most purposes. They were designed to be something in between gorgeous road bikes and comfy city bikes. 

First of all, it was built to combine good control, have a comfy position, and be lightweight. It provides a relaxing ride and allows you to carry goods. Hybrid bikes have been around for a long time and have performed well for delivery, touring, or hanging out. Make sure you consider this bike, it’s pretty good. 

It works well in any condition like windy weather. It’s simple to ride and many people overlook it because this model doesn’t look as elegant as road bikes or fixed gears. Yes, it’s not that stylish but it is versatile and works in all terrains. And you can carry anything from pizza to a portrait. The price range is very diverse and you can always pick the right one even among affordable prices. Also, hybrid bikes are a good choice for heavy riders.

City bike. It was created for fun riding and very often for renting. It’s easy to grab a city bike for a quick trip. The biggest disadvantage is that the bike is very heavy. It’s not so effective in terms of fast-riding. Therefore these bikes are rarely used for professional purposes. 

City bikes are meant to cover shorter distances so make sure you know it because choosing an e-bike is essential and needs to be multi-functional because traffic in New York is difficult. You will probably get a nice city bike but we recommend you consider all disadvantages or take a test drive. It’s a very specific model and not very good for riding somewhere super far. Probably it’s just better to grab a rental city bike and then drop it off at some point than use it regularly.

How to Choose a Retailer

The proper retailer is crucial because you need a warranty and decent equipment. It’s not enough to find the best performance bike because retailers mean a lot. It needs to provide you with the correct information and offer to fix your electric bicycles in a bad scenario. You should avoid retailers with bad reviews. 

It doesn’t need to be super well-recognized. Probably there is a nice one among local bike shops. Do your research to avoid any inconveniences in the future. Luckily, electric bicycles are on the hype, and retailers compete to provide the best service.

Buying an electric bicycle is simple if you have an experience. In other cases, we highly recommend asking for more information. Some of your friends are probably advanced riders and will help you choose the right one.

Test Several E-Bikes

If you have decided on your driving style and tasks, go to a bike shop. When it comes to riding an e-bike, size is quite important. You need to buy one that is perfect for you. Most manufacturers make electric bikes for every height and weight. 

It’s also fundamental to check the handlebar, brakes and overall feeling. It should never be done in a fuss. You need to watch carefully for all details and focus on your feelings as well. Test-drive is always available and do not ignore this, because it’s quite important. You need to pick up the most powerful bike, so make sure you consider everything vital.


We have a lot of advice, but it’s also wise to read the warranty and keep it carefully.  Read about warranty cases. It's pretty important. You know that you should be prepared for any scenario, and your customer rights should be guaranteed. It’s amazing when the warranty protects against any breakdowns that occurred through no fault of yours.


Biking in the Big Apple requires some accessories like U-lock, helmet, pump, phone mount, cycling gloves, grips, light, etc. It should not only look nice but also be as functional as possible. Luckily, nowadays, there are so many models available for order. Your setup is quite important and will make your riding easier. So it needs to be mentioned.

Should You Buy or Rent an Electric Bike

It's obvious that e-bikes are more functional than traditional bikes. In order to get it, you have two options: buy or rent. It's up to you to decide what's best. But we often advise renting first. After a few months, you will make the best decision.


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Regular bikes aren’t enough to do more deliveries, and couriers need more power. Usually, there are three different models of e-bikes. We just want you to be fully aware of all aspects of choosing a bike and also remind us that you can grab a 30$ discount at Whizz using a promo code k30. 

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Take care!