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So, what’s up with folding bikes? You can carry them with your hands, stash them in the trunk for quick road trips, and they are generally more compact and easier to travel with than a mountain bike, for example. If you’re thinking of getting a folding bike, keep reading as we explore everything you need to know about them from the pros and cons, to the best models and tips for the fastest charging, etc. By the way, you can still get a $30 discount on your Whizz bike subscription with the promo code k30. Okay, now let’s get into what makes folding electric bikes so special.

What's The Type of Foldable Bike You Need

If you’re concerned about saving space at home or in your car, then folding e-bikes are a great solution for you. Folding e-bikes have the lightest weight among other types and with an average 250W hub motor, you can climb on hills with it. Of course, the foldable e-bike wasn’t created for wheelies, but it’s still a lot of fun to ride, and modern models such as the Fiido X look pretty cool.

What is Folding Mechanism?

A reliable frame is one of the most important components of any bike, as is having a powerful motor and a reliable mechanism. The latter is even more important because it is something that goes through frequent use and you don’t want to risk your bike breaking in half while riding. So, it’s important to do your research and make sure that your folding bike is well-built with a powerful mechanism.

When it comes to the mechanism and its characteristics, there are two key parameters to keep in mind: the durability of the mechanism and how fast it’s folding. No matter if you’re cycling in New York, London, or Amsterdam, there’s no denying the convenience of a bike that you can fold up and unfold in 10 seconds. Whether you’re a delivery driver or a daily commuter, there are so many benefits to owning a folding electric bike. Now, since there are many folding e-bike models to choose from on the market, here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for one so you can make an informed decision.

What is the Best Frame Material

The more expensive the material from which it is made, the lighter frame of the bike will be, and the lightest material that a bike can be made from is carbon. Lightweight design costs money, but it matters, and you can find really good quality bikes that ride well on road or gravel but also look good from the outside.

Now, determining the best folding electric bike to buy is a very personal question, and it’s not going to be an easy or quick process to find one.

What Type of Assist Do You Need?

Electric bicycles are known for making the rider’s journey smoother and effortless, and folding ones are also very efficient. You also have the option of using several types of assist: pedal assist or throttle. This feature alone will show you the difference between a foldable e-bike and a regular bike.

The whole experience is much more enjoyable. It’s pretty easy to control, even on bumpy roads. The total distance that you can go on a foldable e-bike really depends on how you use your e-bike and the terrain. There’s just one rule of thumb; if you want to go on a long ride, do not use your throttle the whole time.

Pedal assist is usually enough for comfortable riding over hilly terrain, which makes it easy to save on battery life. Riding modes are entirely up to you, but keep in mind that how long your battery lasts will depend on how you operate your folding e-bike.

Power and Location of the Motor

The average speed of a folding e-bike motor is usually 20 mph. Despite the portability, it does have the power to carry even heavyweight riders uphill. Plus, there are so many models that look small but are more powerful than you expect, like the Number Six Swag Cycle Pro, which is one of our favorite models.As we said before, the average speed power of a folding e-bike is typically around 20 mph with an average power capacity of 250W.

Furthermore, there are two types of motors: hub-drive and mid-drive. The difference between the two isn’t very huge but hub-drive is more standard and therefore cheaper. This doesn't affect the ride quality much and technically, mid-drive is more balanced.

Figuring out which folding electric bike is best is a broad question. Generally, what you need to know is that smaller sizes don't always need less power, and you can upgrade your folding e-bikes the same way as regular bikes. Folding e-bikes are also great to ride for any occasion, whether you need them for camping, casual rides, commuting, or delivery.

The Weight And Size of Folding Electric Bike

It’s also worth talking about weight and size, which are also important. Even though folding models look more compact, they’re not always super lightweight due to the motor and battery. You can count on a weight of approximately 44 lbs.


At Whizz, we spend a lot of time with bikes, and because we love cycling so much, we want everyone to find a bike that is the perfect match for them and our bikes are available for rent or to buy depending on your needs. The average folding e-bike comes fully assembled and ready to go with enough power to ride over 50+ or 110+ miles with an extra battery. The best part is that free maintenance is included with every Whizz e-bike subscription and we’re currently running an epic promotion where you can get a 30$ discount for your first subscription using the promo code k30. If you have any hesitations, remember you can always test one of our bikes for free, so hop on over at our Manhattan location to get started today. If you have any questions, know that we’re ready to share our experience, and you’re welcome to ask any questions that you have.