Hey guys, today we are going to talk about your e-bike security. You definitely don’t want to get it stolen. So do not skip it. Before we go any further, make sure to know about a 30$ discount with a promo code k30.

It isn't recommended to leave your bike unlocked because thieves would take advantage of it. Everybody is different, and the urban environment isn’t ideal for something like that, but there are other ways to protect your bike.

It just needs to be considered at the same level as comfortable riding, e-bike insurance, etc. It’s not easy to track your bike after somebody snatched it because even the GPS isn't really helpful, so let’s check the locks for theft protection.

U-locks are Considered Very Secure

You can’t take electric bikes into malls and cafes, but you need to keep your bike safe. Generally, the more expensive your bike is, the more careful you need to be. U-lock is considered the most secure, you can wrap it around the frame of the wheel, or using both techniques and your bicycle will be vulnerable to any thefts.

U locks are very recognized, and cyclists use them a lot in modern times. Therefore at Whizz, we add u-locks to the subscription. It’s made of solid steel, super easy to use, and gives a higher level of security.

It’s a good option, particularly if you want your e-bike safe. The nice thing is also that it comes with two keys. These days it’s the most popular way to stick your e-bike. Unfortunately, more than two million bicycles are stolen every year in America. You can easily put it in your bag or attach it to the frame, that sort of thing.

How to lock your electric bike? Just open U-lock up, attach it to the bike and lock it.
So it’s a good thing to know, and it works even for the smallest U-lock. It will be much lighter to use because some models are massive. No wonder because bicycle thefts are pretty common.

Lock Through the Main Triangle of the Frame

Avoid using cheap cable locks. Forget about them because it’s one of the reasons why e-bikes are a very attractive target to thieves. A bigger lock isn’t necessarily better. You get the point. It’s worth considering how to lock an electric bike. We do not recommend locking the e-bike details separately, it’s really vital.

Use More Than One Lock

After your e-bike is locked, it’s relatively safe, but it's good to use additional methods for a greater level of protection, and it will definitely improve security. You should pay attention to the most vulnerable parts like the front wheel, rear wheel and seat.

It's sad when somebody can attempt to steal part of your back. It’s not that common, but it’s important to prevent it, so you can use hex locks to protect the handlebar, stem, and headlight. These details aren’t cheap and pretty important if you're commuting around or delivering.

How to secure an electric bike is a broad question and depends on how much stuff you have on your bike. When e-bikers take the phone mount with them, it's a very common thing. It might actually be stolen as well. That’s OK to buy extra folding locks. It takes a little bit longer to lock your bike, but it will increase security.

You can also use security devices like GPS, but unfortunately, the reality is it doesn't always work.

Also, some people use alarm systems, but not very commonly.

Look for Locks That Are Resistant to Angle Grinders

Cable locks can be easily cut, because when it comes to theft, it only takes a few seconds to snatch your bike. In general, angel grinders aren’t common, but still it’s very much a threat. Angle grinder-proof bike lock is relatively new, but it's a thing, it can be beneficial in many ways.

There have been a lot of clips on YouTube about locks vs. angle grinders. And it still kind of makes sense to get e-bike insurance. Probably it’s the most secure way to protect your bike.

Park an E-Bike in a Public Place

We would love to guarantee 100% security for our bike, but it’s extremely heavy. Therefore, we advise you to park your e-bike with plenty of people around. It’s also very effective. Safest places for parking are pretty important, so do some research.

We also do not recommend leaving your bike for a long time wherever it is. No matter how expensive an e-bike is, thieves shouldn’t have a chance to get it. It’s becoming more common to get a nice lock. It’s a great measure to take.

There is a thing to talk about: how to lock an e bike. Аttach your bike to firmly attached objects to the ground or wall. It’s fundamental. Then the safety of your e-bike certainly will be more guaranteed. You can lock it even to heavy chains if it’s legal.


Nobody wants their bike stolen, so make sure it’s locked up properly. We covered a lot in this article. Let's get to the final part.

Overall there are a lot of different scenarios, such as how thieves can steal the whole bike or some parts of it, so when you purchase an e-bike, you need to think about security. You can potentially improve it.

It’s important to consider Whizz overnight storage, so what it means is that you can store your e-bike in our location just for $29 a month. It’s really helpful, and some people do it. Security is an essential consideration because, for delivery workers, the e-bike is like an investment. It impacts profit significantly, so locking mechanisms should be very durable.

Currently, we offer a 30$ discount for the first month of subscription. Activate it with a promo code k30. Subscription is well worth it, especially if you work in delivery, because repairs are included, and it takes less than half an hour to fix any break. These options are available even with a standard tariff.

Our office is located in Manhattan. You’re welcome to test electric bicycles.

Our e-bike rental brand is recognizable in NYC, and we take responsibility for the nice quality of our bikes and service.

Using multiple ways for your e-bike safety is highly important. And we hope that this article was helpful for you. If it wasn’t too much, feel free to ask.

Next time we’ll reveal some more interesting tips. Best regards!