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Your bike will produce quite as much power as you take care of its battery. Usually, battery life lasts up to 3 years if you treat it appropriately. Before we get to that, make sure you know about the Whizz subscription and personal promo code k30, which gives you a 30$ discount. 

Be sure to check this out, and welcome to the community. If you want to know how long will an electric bike battery last, let’s get straight to the point because the answer to the question how long will an e-bike battery last is critical.

What is The Lifespan of an Electric Bike Battery

Battery life depends on a few factors. First off, it’s about the type, and there are three of them: lithium battery (it’s the strongest and can hold up to 1000 cycles, so it’s really good quality), nickel batteries (also very reliable, but technically has less cycles), lead batteries (for now it’s the outdated type keep in mind that it has the least number of charges). It is the first factor that affects how long an electric bike battery lasts. By the way, please note that the seller must provide you with a two-year warranty for the battery. 

How to Prolong Electric Bike’s Battery Life?

As we said before, the average battery life lasts around 3 to 5 years. Of course, these figures are approximate, so let’s take a look at additional factors. 

There are 3 of them: charging, cleaning and storage. The battery is very sensitive and needs good treatment. First and foremost, electricity and water are incompatible, so do not submerge the bike in water. 

Clean the battery carefully and replace it when it comes to wet cleaning. That's crucial advice, but charging is also vital. It needs to be done in compliance with technical regulations. 

First off, disconnect the battery after charging. Do not use it right away after charging and let it cool down. This would be pretty nice for the life of your battery. Try to charge your battery to 100% and then disconnect, avoid overcharging. 

Do not charge your e-bike frequently and leave it charging all night. It freaks out when people leave e-bikes charging for days.

Storage isn’t so pivotal as previous factors but needs to mention how long an electric bike battery lasts for those interested. So actually, when you store your bike, you need to avoid extreme heat or extreme cold. Keep your bike in a dry place. By the way, you can store your bike at Whizz storage for just $29 a month. Sounds good? Then get it.


These tips are easy, so take them into account. Be mindful of your bike, and then it will last longer. Perhaps you need additional expert advice, then you’re more than welcome to ask our staff in the Whizz office. It’s fine. By the way, maintenance is free for the subscription. We can fix any break in less than 30 minutes.

Overall if you follow the tips we told you, your new e-bike will last longer and retire properly. 

Charging cycles are individual. For now, you know how long an e-bike battery lasts. Maintenance tips are very simple, but again when you sign up, we'll take care of everything. Our specialists can fix any situation, and Whizz bikes were designed for a fast repair. 

By the way, there are two types of bikes for subscription with a regular and extra battery. Our electric bikes are amazing for daily riding. You can do 55+ or 110+  miles, but still, it’s impossible to say how many hours does an electric bike battery last because it depends on how steep the road, what the weight of the cyclist is and so on. 

The battery performs individually, and it’s a good idea to test the bike before you start working on delivery.

How long does an electric bike battery charge last is hard to tell, but good advice is to make it longer use energy economically, and then it will be fine.

Hopefully, now it’s clear how long an e-bike battery lasts.