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Hey there, today we will break down the approximate distance range of e-bikes. Amazingly, you can ride a lot more on e-bikes, and today we have got a special deal for you - apply promo code k30 and get a 30$ discount for the first month of your subscription (available on any plan). Our e-bikes are equipped with a standard (55+ miles) and extra battery (110+ miles). 

It’s pretty reasonable to use an e-bike rental subscription, especially for those of you who want to make more deliveries. In this article, we will give some tips on maximizing the distance range. It’s pretty important, so let’s get to it. 

What are The Factors in Electric Bike Range?

If you want to hit the road, you are probably interested in how far you can go on an electric bike. It’s essential no matter for touring or delivery purposes because anyone wants to ride longer and not get stuck far from the destination. Today we will answer the question: how far can you go on an e-bike? 

This is a very broad question. So it’s very challenging to say precisely, but we’ll try to help you out. Generally speaking, there are a few factors when it comes to how far an electric bike can go.

First of all, different surfaces create different resistance. Actually, your battery will drain later if you ride on the nice smooth pavement rather than gravel. 

The most obvious factor is whether you are riding into the wind or with the wind. If you’re curious how many miles an electric bike can go, you should also consider such factors as the slope of the road, and for battery level, flat ground is always better than hills. 

It’s also essential how your bike is loaded because the battery weighs a lot. Usually, the bigger the battery, the bigger its capacity. So choose the battery depending on the average distance. Pedal assistance is one of the major factors. There are many levels, for example, full-throttle will drain the battery much faster. 

Every rider has got a different style of riding. To make your trip longer, you need to stop less often. It’s something obvious to make your battery last longer. The tire type is significant, fat tires suck up a lot of power from the bike. 

This also applies to suspension, and full suspension bikes drain much faster. It will seriously affect how far an electric bike goes. Therefore road bikes can go on one charge farther than fat bikes.

Last but not least is the rider weight, but it’s a very individual factor, and therefore we mentioned it last. 

How to Take Advantage of My Electric Bike’s Range?

If you are looking for how far an e-bike can go on one charge, again, it’s crucial to pay attention to many conditions. The price of the battery isn’t the key factor. The range really depends on how you're going to ride your bike. But like we said before, riders can affect it. 

Also, make sure that the tire pressure is at a sufficient level. No kidding, it’s essential and will positively affect how far an e-bike can go.  

Complete charging is essential, so keep an eye on your battery level and do not let it die before the journey starts. 

How to Estimate Electric Bike Range?

It’s easy to estimate everyday flat riding. An average e-bike with 400-500W would ride 70 miles on one charge, but still, it really depends on many factors before, so honestly, it’s hard to say how many miles can an electric bike go. 

At Whizz we have an option for a longer range. It’s an extra battery that is designed for a 110+ miles ride. That is impressive. Electric vehicles are becoming very popular and taking over the country. The information on how far an electric bike goes on one charge can’t be 100% accurate because, as we said before, it depends on so many factors like surface resistance, how fast you go, and how many times you stop. 

It’s so much up to how you ride and where you ride on the pavement or off the trails. Economical driving is pretty important for those curious about how many miles can an e-bike go. Pay attention to our advice, and then it’s going to be cool. 


Electric bicycles allow you to ride so much farther than standard bikes, which is fantastic, and Whizz is happy to be a part of it. We have amazing bikes for you as well as a special offer 30$ discount with a promo code k30 for the first month of subscription.

It’s available for any plan, so feel free to apply. What is the range of an e-bike? By default, there are 55+ miles for a standard battery and 110+ miles for an extra battery. We were asked a lot about the range of an e-bike, and it depends on you, but overall a single charge is enough to pedal uphill, go all the way through the traffic and make a lot of deliveries. We hope that the question of what is the range of an electric bike is straightforward now. 

If you have specific questions, our staff at Whizz location is ready to help you out. They know how to deal with bikes pretty well and can fix any damage in less than 30 minutes. Repair is free and included in the subscription, so give it a try with a promo code k30. 

We hope that the range of an e-bike is clear now. Hit longer distances and earn more money, fair enough.