E-biking is undoubtedly growing, especially in NYC. Enjoy your 30$ off discount with the promo code k30. Once you start riding, you will see how beneficial it is and realize why getting an e-bike is cool. In this article we will explain what is the point of an electric bike in terms of different aspects. Let’s get started.

The Battery

E-bikes look similar to traditional bikes, but there is one particular detail like a battery. There are three things that impact how it works: watts it’s like horsepower, and Amp is like a gas tank. The size of the battery depends on the number of volts.

Electricity provides power to the motor, therefore, it’s important to maintain battery health. Here are some tips to get the most out of a lifetime e-bike battery. 

The cheapest e-bike battery is a lead-acid battery. They are very heavy and limited to charge cycles. Next up are nickel batteries, their weight is a little bit lighter. Lithium-ion batteries are superior in a modern day. This type of battery can handle thousands of cycles. They’re very compact and ideally fit into e-bikes. 

All these three types connect to the e-bike via a connection port. How to charge? There are several ways. Sometimes you can connect your e-bike through the frame like a smartphone, and in other ways, you should remove your battery and charge it alone.

Charging times depend on factors like Amp. If you want faster charging, consider 5 Amp rather than 3 Amp battery. 

Make sure you don't kill your battery with wrong behavior. Previously we gave you some tips on how to charge your battery, and we recommend sticking with that because your battery can actually last for many cycles.

Every battery has a warranty period, and it varies from brand to brand, so please ask a local dealer. 

How does an electric bike motor work

With the motor you don’t need to push hard. There are two types of motors:

  • mid-drive
  • hub-drive

Hub motors have been manufactured on a large scale for many years. It usually has a throttle to engage your motor without pedaling. It’s very well appreciated, and most people use it. 

It may be on the front or rear wheel hub. Overall, a hub-drive is pretty cool for the city, but if you are going to hit off-road, a mid-drive motor is definitely a better choice because it’s more well-balanced. Nowadays, mid-drive electric bikes are the most high-tech, but they weren’t easy to find just a few years ago. 

But now leading manufacturers produce it like Bosch or Shimano. If batteries haven’t changed for the last couple of years, motors actually have. Mid-drive motor e-bikes haven't got at most times, and cyclists need to pedal, then it goes a lot faster and further. 

Mid-drive is excellent for uphill and downhill riding. But there are some disadvantages of mid-drive bikes, like a bigger price tag. Therefore mid-drive motors are not yet the most common.

For best results, use assistance wisely. We hope that how a motor in an electric bike works is clear now, let’s get further.

The Sensor

The sensor is another main component of an e-bike. It signals the motor to start when the cyclist starts pedaling.

There is a difference between a cadence sensor and a torque sensor. These sensors signal to the motor how much assistance needs to be provided. The type of sensor determines the driving experience and battery consumption.

Speed sensors appeared first. They indicate how fast you are pedaling. They operate in such a way Almost all budget models are equipped with this type of sensor.

Torque sensors measure how hard you push the pedals and adapt to the situation, which is important if you ride in hilly terrain or loaded with goods, and maybe even all at once, then torque sensors help you ride more comfortably. The only downside is that they are more expensive.

In general, if you drive on a flat surface, then a cadence sensor will be enough. If you ride in hilly terrain, then torque sensors will be the best choice.

What Is an E-Bike Wattage?

There is a formula: power = watts + amp

The speed of the electric bike and its ability to overcome climbs largely depend on the engine's power. As a rule, the price of an electric bike increases in proportion to the increase in its power. Technically, the power of an electric bike is 250-3000 W. 

For city trips or commuter bikes, an electric bike of low power (up to 500 W) is quite suitable.
Off-road travel requires a powerful electric bike (500 - 2000 W or more), capable of climbing a hill without any problems, and also not afraid of mud and sand.

Power is an essential aspect of cargo bikes or cargo electric bikes. When you ask why I should buy an electric bike, your wattage is an important but not the key factor, especially for New York bike lanes with higher speed limits. 

What Is an E-Bike Voltage?

The battery creates a specific voltage in the bike's electrical network - all components that require power, including the controller and the motor, are designed for it. Battery voltage also affects the bike's top speed and acceleration time.

There are three classes of voltage for e-bikes:

Class one. This voltage can be considered small. The electric bikes sharpened under it usually do not differ in high speed and accelerate slowly. Nevertheless, they are in the majority of the market since a relatively low price ensures demand.

Class two. This is medium voltage. This voltage is more than enough for a comfortable speed and acceptable acceleration - in most cases, more is not needed.

Class three. This voltage is considered high. Batteries with this voltage are usually installed on top models with powerful engines. Accordingly, the driving performance of such electric bicycles is close to the maximum possible indicators for such vehicles. 

For now, you know what battery voltage is, and let’s keep going further.

How to operate the e-bike?

There are also three types of bike control:


  • Pedals only. This mode allows you to control the bike like a standard bike.
  • Pedal assist. This is additional support for the e-bike with different levels: weak, medium, and strong. A pedal-assisted e-bike makes the trip much easier, therefore, pedaling assistance is used frequently. 
  • Electric only. Using throttle mode, you can steer your bike with no effort at all and go as fast as your state laws allow.

You can choose a different method depending on the road conditions and how charged your battery is. When  only the throttle is engaged, the battery will use more power and vice versa. So use pedal-assist mode all the time if you want to save battery. 

Overall, e-bikes are like standard bikes, but they provide new ways of riding.


E-bikes have taken over the city, and after reading this article, you know how its components work. 

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E-bikes offer excellent benefits, and we hope for now it’s clear how an electric assist bike works.

Have a nice day!