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If you're a courier for Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, Instacart, Gorillas, Gopuff, or Postmates, we need your help!

By contacting these aggregators, you can help us launch a partnership with one of them and get huge bonuses for all the people who rent their bikes through Whizz.

Choose your preferred channel and leave a review on:

• Support chats: Uber, Doordash

• Apple Store: Uber, Doordash

• Google Play: Uber, Doordash

• Google Maps: Uber, Doordash

• Trustpilot: Uber, Doordash

• Instagram: Uber, Doordash

• Facebook: Uber, Doordash

• Twitter: Uber, Doordash

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How to get a Bonus

Keep in mind that a unique participant can earn a maximum of $20 per month for completing 4 pings

Choose your preferred channel and leave a review


Send a screenshot of your review to our customer support team


We'll verify it and add a $5 bonus to your account for each verified ping


You can use your bonuses towards your next subscription renewal


Take a look at this review and create your own unique one!

Hey guys, I know you partner with various rental services, but I've found one that would be a perfect fit for a bunch of couriers throughout NYC. It's called Whizz, and although it's not currently on your list of partners, I think you should consider partnering with them. The discounts you offer for other rentals are great, but a partnership with Whizz and discounts there could be even better.

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